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Robert Kluver

Lifetime Internet Guru
   United States
  |   Meyersdale, PA


Well before the World Wide Web was a common phrase as it is today, before most people even owned a home computer I was programming code in a variety of languages for a variety of network related projects back when you had to put the handset of a telephone on a 300 baud modem. Trillions of lines of code under my belt and a mind that functions like a computer processing unit I not only understand today's most popular programming languages, I know how the languages themselves came to be.

I am an expert who has owned, operated or worked with thousands of technology based businesses over the past 25 years. More than a programmer, I am a valuable consultant to any business wishing to build or improve any online enterprise. My work is relatively fast, accurate, functional and most importantly well constructed based on your exact needs.

I do all of my own work but will bring in experts if necessary to accomplish the goals of your organization. I am an American living in Pennsylvania.
Service Description
U.S. Army Signal Corps
Communication Systems Engineer
Community College of Baltimore
Associate's Degree in Accounting
Community College of Baltimoe
Associate's Degree Business Administration
Community College of Baltimore
Associate's Degree Supervisory Management
Local Town Websites
Founder, CEO
2009 - Present
See it to understand. This is a very large project involving thousands of domains providing hyper local media services and additional social features to over 30,000 towns across the United States. See:
I.C. Electronics, Inc
Network Administrator
2004 - Present
On call network administration and support for a rural wireless ISP serving Western Maryland and Southwestern Pennsylvania. Provide consulting and technical support to maintain the wireless networks, of which I use myself on a daily basis with a connection 9 miles from my 75 acre farm on Mount Davis, the highest point in Pennsylvania.
Free Satellite Television Advocate
Self Appointed Revolutionary Leader
1998 - 2009
Copy/Paste FYI Major Website Piracy Ring Shut down & Taken over On March 10, 2010, NagraStar LLC, DISH Network L.L.C. and EchoStar Technologies L.L.C. filed suit against Robert Kluver [aka DishTester], Leona Broda, and for, among other things, engaging in piracy of DISH Network programming, distributing pirate software, and for their involvement in IKS piracy. The United States District Court for the District of Maryland entered a temporary restraining order against Kluver, Broda and and ordered the United States Marshals Service to seize defendantsí computers, piracy-related materials, receivers, and related equipment. The seizure was successfully executed on March 23, 2010. Sued for $ 3.2 million USD, A court order prohibits me from operating any satellite piracy related web sites. Other than that I am available for advice and guidance on issue involving the DMCA, copyright infringement, encryption technology, networking, programming, well heck just about anything as long as it is NOT about watching free satellite television or helping others to do the same.
Number One Internet Services, LLC
Owner, Founder
1996 - 2005
Yes, I operated the first BBS to support the Windows operating system using a GUI based "web" based community access service and Internet Service Provider before hardly anyone even heard of a program called Mozilla using something they called the hypertext transport protocol, HTTP. I competed head to head with AOL for more than a decade, was one of the first ISPs to offer unlimited Internet Access for $8 a month way back in 1996! I even lasted through the dot com bubble burst during the Clinton and Gore years. If anyone helped to create the Internet is was definitely me, more so than that guy! In 2005, tired of the city life, I moved out west and have been taking it easy working on other projects here and there. I love to get involved in innovative new things and provide my lifetime of experience to everything I touch.
U.S. Army
Radio Communications Engineer
1992 - 2000
Need a secure wireless network engineered in a combat zone and put into place with 3 hours? That is what I did for our country, providing encrypted communications for taskforce XXI and the 2nd Armored Division/4th Infantry Division. Member U.S. Army Signal Corps
Ericsson, Inc.
Radio Base Station Engineer
1995 - 1997
Engineered the deployment of the AT&T Wireless network across the East Coast from Atlanta to Boston. Also developed the system used by the Project Managers to coordinate all construction and engineering activities, and trained end users across the entire deployment service area.
Payment Terms
I don't like to get paid unless you are completely satisfied with my work and performance. When you are happy with the end product of my efforts or accomplishments of various milestones, I do expect funds to be released in compliance with Elance policies.
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