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3px WebDevelopment LLC

Web Solutions By Certified Professionals
  |   Denver, United States

About the Company

We are a group of certified web professionals highly experienced in working on various web-based applications. Our offices are located across Europe, and we are able to work on any project at any time. With our resourceful team certified by leading industry vendors, we are capable to implement any technology in your existing or upcoming project. Wether you are a small business owner or a large corporation representative, we will satisfy your needs with the highest possible quality of work presented in the timely manner.
Service Description
We a Denver-based company focused on delivering web solutions for various kinds of customers. We have experience in providing solutions for small private customers and for large enterprise corporations.

We are using cutting edge technologies that enable us to deliver quickly, with high quality and great customer satisfaction.

Choosing us you choose high quality, short timescales and cost efficiency.

Basic web sites development
These web sites include several pages such as about page, news section, blog, gallery, etc.

Business web application development
These are business-focused web applications that include web-shops, eCommerce Systems, restaurants, agencies and includes all necessary information such as web shops, integration with payment providers, company info, blogs, etc. These category may include integration wit h various customer's existing systems and databases.

Enterprise web application development
We provide advanced solutions for corporate customers as well. This category includes integration with custom corporate systems including business process management, web services, internal systems, etc. Customers that have advanced security and reliability requirements. This type of web site includes variety of features.

Cloud Computing and Large Scale
We provide solutions that based on cloud computing platforms such as Windows Azure and Amazon S3. We have large experience in efficient experience with these platforms and development of the web solutions on its base or integration them to the existing web applications or internal enterprise systems.

Web-services and web-startups
This category includes development of the APIs for the web applications that allow integration of the existing services to the third party applications. Web services can be based on SOAP or REST approaches and provide access to the system in a variety of formats such as XML, JSON, binary formats, etc.

Testing of web based solutions
We can also provide services in testing of the existing web solutions. We have experience in various kinds of testing including acceptance, performance, load, security, conformance, integration and other testing options.

Mobile web applications
We have expertise in development of the web applications for mobile devices, which can be new apps or the additional versions of the existing ones. Web applications can be targeted for large set of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Windows Mobile, Symbian-based, etc.

Consulting on web topics
We are making consulting on the web topics that may include consulting on the project design, technical considerations, estimation, planning, technical writing, analysis, etc.

We are very flexible and can provide very custom solutions for you and your business. We will provide estimates and price in a very flexible range.

Also we provide custom options for your web solution which can includes:

* Mobile version - mobile version of your site(iPhone, Windows Mobile, ets...).

* Alternative formats - support of exporting content to another format such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), XML, ATOM, RSS, JSON, PDF and other popular formats.

* Blog - comments, description of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

* Forum - customer support, discussion board.

* Internationalization - adapting web site to different languages and regional differences.

* Catalog of products - your product with any type of preview and integrtaion with shopping cart.

* Gallery - virtual gallery with albums, pictures and slideshows with support of tags and search.

* Charting - any types of charts for basically visualization your data.

* Mashups - integration with various internet services.

* Payment - intergation with payment providers.

* Search - creation of custom search for the web site or integration with popular search engine.

* Reports, Voting, Order form, Contact form, Subscription list, ets...

Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer - Web Developer
Awarded: 2009
Microsoft Corporation
TS: Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 - Web-based Client Development
Awarded: 2009
Microsoft Corporation
PRO: Designing and Developing Web-based Applications by Using the Microsoft .NET Framework
Awarded: 2009
Microsoft Corporation
TS: Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation
Awarded: 2009
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - .Net Framework 2.0, Web Applications
Awarded: 2009
Microsoft Corporation
WebSiteSpark member
Awarded: 2009
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