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Roseann Lahey

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Although I have a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science, my true calling is writing. My first short story was published when I was nine years old and I have been writing ever since. I have successfully ghost written several books hence, making my clients very happy. I spent a year in the Bahamas writing news copy for a Bahamian Web Community.

I am a detail-oriented person when it comes to writing. I might not remember where I put my glasses but I can remember an article I wrote about Flamingoes and how they are pink because of the crill that they eat. Go figure!

My clients are always happy as I put them first. I am on time, everytime. I have never missed a deadline nor have I ever had to ask for an extension. I'm old school. My word is my bond.

Should you choose me as your provider, you will become my first priority until the job is completed. I am usually available 24/7 so should you have a rush job, feel free to call on me. I will be there to help you..
Service Description
Most writers do not understand the need for hiring an unbiased person to edit their work. This is a must before presenting anything to an agent much less a publisher.

From Apple Picking to Zoo Tours, my articles are always researched thoroughly and writen to keep the reader's attention. I have the ability to make the readers see what I am seeing and experience what I am experiencing. A client once said "You make the words breathe"! I think that was the best compliment ever.

Press Releases
The Press Release is a very useful tool especially for the small business owner. Properly written Press Releases will introduce potential clients to the business and entice them to patronizing your establishment. I am experienced creating successful Press Releases for both business owners and political figures.

Whether you are looking for a brief overview or in depth research, I will get the information you need on any topic. My experience as a Librarian makes researching quick and easy.

Provide me with the topic and demographic of the audience and I will make your speech a winner! I have written compelling speeches for polital figures and businessmen as well as for the average Joe needing to speak at the local lodge.

Web Content
My experience as a writer for a Bahamian Web Community has helped me find ways to get new people interested in the site. I do like to use controversial news and events to get more traffic to the site. If you want something controversial, I am the one for you!
Payment Terms
Payment terms vary depending upon the project's requirements.
Roseann Lahey
US Freelance Writers, Owner
As the owner of US Freelance Writers, I deal one on one with my clients, handle the projects that they need completed and advise them on ways that they can improve their business, rankings, customer base and profits. Although I needed to state an end date, I still own and run US Freelance Writers.
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Roseann Lahey