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Keeping You Well In A World of Legalities!
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About the Company

With over 30 years of Legal & Business ownership and practice, we offer great experience, along with premier service, providing a wide range of legal support, specifically Contracts & Agreements, Templates, Intellectual Property (EULA, Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, Disclaimers), Employment/Consultant agreements and other legal documents.

We build long-term relationships, by giving every client more than what they expect! Our top priority is to keep you 'healthy', in a world where you are surrounded by the legal equivalent of killer 'viruses and bacteria.'

Working with us, you'll find a true sense of concern for you, your business and the goals you are trying to attain. That's something our clients really appreciate, as is evidenced in their testimonials and repeated use of our firm.
Service Description
Too many individuals & businesses decide to play "legal beagle" and write their own Contracts, Wills/Trusts, Terms of Service or other documents, without the help of a professional, only to find out that they missed a phrase or a legal subtlety that is now costing them. Would you treat your own cancer, heart disease or broken leg? If you start out with a professional from the beginning, you will feel better, avoid the stress of thinking you may have left out something important, and in the long run, save money, time and the stress of having to revisit the same problem.

Our background includes the general practice of law, having worked for individuals and small to Fortune 500 companies, successful entrepreneurs, starting & operating businesses (from start-up to merger or sale), financial, estate & business planning, teaching legal and accounting professionals and corporate franchising. Our office looks forward to working with you on your Projects.

Our past experience in the legal field, and as entrepreneurs, business owners, teachers, financial and estate planning advisors, investment advisor and court commissioner, allows us to offer our clients in-depth knowledge, insight and expertise that goes beyond just "doing our job."

Our services include:

* helping you to understand the documents we prepare for you.

* creation, revision & modification of Agreements & Contracts, including:

- Website Terms of Use, Privacy Policies & Disclaimers
- Software licenses (EULA)
- General & Ltd Partnership Operating Agreements
- Real Estate documents
- Employment & Consultant Contracts
- Leases/Rental Agreements
- Intellectual Property (Copyrights/Licenses/TMs)
- Non-Competition/Non-Disclosure Agreements
- Confidentiality/Non-Competition Agreements
- Sales, Distribution & Marketing Agreements
- Buy/Sell Agreements
- Charitable, Living and other Trusts, Estate Planning
- Publishing & Author WFH Agreements
- Legal research & writing
- Separation & Pre-Marital Agreements
- and other documents.
Ohio Northern University, Pettit College of Law
Juris Doctor
1977 - 1980
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
You will always work with one professional, who will provide a specific deadline on every project accepted. Payment terms will also be determined at the time each project is accepted and we will help you understand what your cost will be, up front. All work is GUARANTEED to your satisfaction...we are not satisfied until you are!
Paul Campanella
PNC Marketing, LLC, Managing Owner
I worked on several projects for this growing and successful website development company, located in New York. My work included website Terms & Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, Website Design & Maintenance Agreement, as well as other research and analysis.
Karen Keller
Coffee News of Maryland, VP
Set up corporate entity. Created Terms & Condition/Privacy Policy for website. Handled all corporate legal work since 2004.