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RisingSun Teknologies

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About the Company

We are comfortable with well-known Technologies like ASP.net, AJAX, Telerik, JQuery, SharePoint, SQL Server, Wordpress, Joomla, etc.and more than that we are also Leading Solutions Provider in arenas of iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, MonoTouch etc. Our technical masterminds are leaders in adapting new technologies.

We are not only a Company but more than that Group of Technical Minds, who are Experts & Certified in their fields, Professionals, who not only provide the solutions as per customer requirements, but also provide professional advice & consultancy.

We have risen From a Dream to Reality, From a Group of Sincere Software Professionals to A Software Company, From Good to Great. At RisingSun Teknologies, our solutions have empowered small businesses, non-profit organisations, small-medium businesses, government & semi-governments and large enterprises. We have lived up to the Philosophy of “Nothing is Impossible. The word it-self says I M Possible”.

Service Description
Netsoft Informatics Pvt Limited
Associate Vice President
2007 - 2010
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RisingSun Teknologies | Elance

RisingSun Teknologies