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Rich Wyatt

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PHP Genius at your service.

I live, eat and breathe PHP, MySQL, Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. There isn't ANYTHING that you can stump me with. Try me!

I'm the company that most people come to when they've tried the guys overseas and it hasn't worked out so well.

Why not skip that part and choose me first.

I have an extensive portfolio - only partially listed here at Elance. Ask if you'd like to see more.
Service Description
Midwest-based freelancer with plenty of zeal and lots of talent to make your web experience ALL it SHOULD be!

Nothing gets left undone! NOTHING! EVER! You are the customer and I am the provider. Tell me what you want, and I'll make it so!

If you are looking for someone who A) Speaks your language, B) knows webbing inside and out, forwards and backwards and C) can knock your socks off with brilliant work for a fair price, then look no more. I am he!

D3 Web creations provides the following expert-level skills and services:

* ColdFusion
* Web Design (HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks)
* PSD to Template
* JScript/AJAX
* Project Management
* Joomla! site build, component/module/plugin development
* Drupal development
* WordPress development
* SugarCRM development

In short - we provide ANY web-development service you can desire!

Use D3 first before you waste time and money with overseas providers that do not speak your language fluently and provide shoddy work, at best.
BSB Design
Manager - Web Applications
2005 - 2008
Managed 9 PHP/MySQL, 1 Ruby Rails and 1 ColdFusion website, coded and maintained. Managed 1 LINUX server (Enterprise RH 4), 3 Windows 2003 Servers and desktop support. Managed 1 large-scale .NET based ERP (Vision) project managed from ground up.
Payment Terms
Dependent on the project:

Large projects require initial deposit and defined milestones.
Small projects are paid upon completion of project.
Christopher Johnson
Furiae Interactive, CEO
Multiple projects in flash, Joomla, WP, Drupal, osCommerce and hand-code PHP sites.
Jason Dailey
Thumbpeople, VP
Created Joomla site for e-commerce, document delivery, video display and content information. Integrated Infusionsoft via API to process orders, affiliates, contacts.
Holli Skuza
Holli Skuza, Project Manager
Holli's quotes: The projects Rich worked on ranged from quick fixes on existing sites written by another programmer, to complex, multilevel websites created by Rich alone(he should have examples for you). As much as I tried to make it a calm work environment, the CEOs of the company continually created chaos by constantly changing and/or never agreeing on the path or outcomes of the projects. Deadlines were very tight and would often land on Rich's plate "due yesterday". Even under the most extreme conditions Rich kept his calm and remained professional. He knew how to prioritize in a way that helped the projects flow most effectively. Rich was an excellent communicator who always took the time to explain to the process to the clients and other employees. If Rich was going to miss a deadline (usually due to the aforementioned chaos) he was sure to let me know, whereas other programmers would just leave me hanging. Rich was a great problem solver, anytime there were glitches in any of our systems we knew we could count on him to figure it out for us. I found that some of the best programmers don't have the social skills required to communicate and or listen effectively unless you speak 'computer', ie. they are "machine people" not "people people". Rich is a "machine person" and a "people person" and that's hard to find in a programmer.
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Rich Wyatt