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About the Company

Red Soft Systems is a Mobile and Social Media, specializing in developing Strategy,PHP, Open Source CMS (Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress), iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android,HTML 5,Facebook ,E-commerce,SEO,Flash, and many more leading platforms

we have managed to satisfy client across the nation with our innovative web development Each service is offered with flexible package options and is made to meet the highest quality standards. What our company is good at is understanding what the client needs. We take this necessity and transform it into the kind of IT solutions that make your company successful. With our company, your company can access the IT solutions and marketing plans they need.

You can tell a lot from a companyís culture. At our IT company, our employees represent the best qualities of teamwork and dedication. Each project is fulfilled with individual attention and expertise. We take your companyís vision and mission statement in order to make technological
Service Description
"Red Soft "our goal is to use experience team player now that good ideas generate and we believe that everyone deserves high quality services.
ensure continuous improvement in the standard of service that we provide.

As a leading developer of Facebook applications, our team is able to give you the marketing edge your business needs to succeed. For successful marketing campaigns, we offer SEO tools, website content creation services and logo designs. We are skilled at designing and developing websites that represent the true image of your business.

Web design and online marketing are two of the best tools for managing your businessís success. A strong Internet presence and strategic media are the keys to reaching out to customers. Through these tools, your business will be able to create a brand that resonates with consumers.

Human beings are naturally attracted to clean lines and beautiful designs. To garner more clients, your website has to be attractive and professional. At our mobile and social media agency, we create specialized websites that are intuitively designed.

At our mobile device and social media agency, we offer full-service web design and development. Our team of creative professionals is skilled at meeting the needs of big and small companies. From developing an Internet presence to full- featured E-Commerce sites.

Red Soft System deal all kind of soft ware development and more than 8 years of experience in the following fields:

*Mobile Development (iPad, iPhone, iOS, Android)
*CMS(Word Press,Drupal,Joomla,PHP)
*PHP(Zend Gurd,CakePHP,AMFPHP)
*Face Book Development
*Game Development
*Web Development
*Graphics Design
*Social Marketing
*Content Writing
*Kiosk Touch
*Web Design

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The Red Soft Systems Team
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2011 - 2014
Red Soft Systems
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2012 - Present
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10% upfront
40% demo
50% final
Ben Waite
Ben Watch, CEO
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