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Sam Severn

I make dreams come true. Your dreams.
   United States
  |   Snohomish, WA
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Award-winning screenwriter, ghostwriter, and editor, rated in the Top 1% of all Elance writers.

I studied writing under Academy Award-winning screenwriter Stewart Stern ("Rebel Without A Cause"). And I wrote and directed the award-winning feature film THE SECRET DELETED FILES OF COSMIC RAY, available on DVD.

Dreams are powerful. Dreams can transform you. Dreams come from a Higher Power, and can take you to your highest place. If you have a dream, or a vision, your heart yearns to see it come true. My calling is to write the words that make people's dreams come true. I love taking all that passion and transforming dreams, visions, and the yearnings of your imagination into fire-breathing reality.

I'd love to help deliver your creative visions to the world, using the fire and passion of imagination, and the life-changing power of your dreams.

"Dreams are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else's dreams?" --- Orson Welles, in the movie "ED WOOD"
Service Description
A full-service, full-time creative writer.

- Screenwriter
- Ghostwriter
- Novelist
- Editor
- Proofreader
- Journalist
- Film Reviews
- Music Reviews
- Book Reviews
- TV Reviews
- Pop Culture Reviews
- Web Articles
- Script Editing & Formatting
- Transcribing
- Typing at 99 WPM with 99% Accuracy
- Script Consultant
- Script Doctor
- Creative Writer

I can take your project from the smallest seed of an idea, all the way to its most mind-blowing realization. Whether it be Drama, Comedy, Romantic-Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime, Teen, Love Story,. Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery, Western, Action, Adventure --

If you can dream it, I can write it.
University Of Washington
Professional Screenwriting Certificate
Awarded: 1993
University Of Washington
Professional Film & Video Certificate
Awarded: 1993
University Of Washington
Professional Film & Video Program
1992 - 1993
University Of Washington
Professional Screenwriting Program
1992 - 1993
Staff Writer
2014 - Present
Staff writer for the world's most popular One Direction fansite, read by more than a million Directioners each month.
Kandy Magazine
Staff Film Reviewer
2013 - Present
Monthly movie reviewer for the print and Web version of the #1-ranked men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine on iTunes.
Organic Couples Magazine
Staff Writer
2012 - Present
Entertainment and feature writer for the print and Web version of this entertainment and lifestyle magazine for couples.
Staff Writer
2012 - Present
Daily entertainment writer for, a UK website specializing in pop music, pop movies, and pop entertainment.
Life And The Movies
Film Reviewer
2013 - 2013
Weekly film reviewer for
That Metal Blog
Music Reviewer & Feature Writer
2012 - 2013
Staff writer and reviewer for a US-based blog specializing in music news from the heavy metal world.
Amazon Store Manager & Copy Writer
2011 - 2012
Managed and created all advertising and product copy for the Amazon Store for, the world's third-largest collective buying company, headquartered in Seattle, Washington.
The North County Outlook
Reporter & Entertainment Writer
2008 - 2010
Feature news reporter, and entertainment writer, for The Outlook, a Pacific Northwest weekly newspaper.
Dream Forest Pictures Company
1999 - 2010
Owner of Dream Forest, a motion picture production company. Writer and Director of the 2004 award-winning feature film "Cosmic Ray," named Best Sci-Fi Film at Shockerfest and the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, currently available on DVD and with over 325,000 views on YouTube.
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