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Sarah Steinberg

Architectural 3D Modeling, Rendering, and Design
   United States
  |   Portland, OR
  |  10:43 pm Local Time


Sarah Steinberg (Strikeforce Design) delivers illustrations in watercolor and digital media, custom designs for renovation and new construction, construction drawings, 3d models, and illustrations in digital and watercolor. A sustainability enthusiast, Sarah can help you discover efficiencies in your home, solutions for your garden or landscape, and ideas for new concepts.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Carnegie Mellon University. She has ten years of experience producing designs, drawings and 3d models for a wide range of projects, from residential remodels to new university buildings. She can read drawings from early sketches to construction documents, and make final deliverables that best suit your needs. She prides herself on efficiency, accuracy, creativity, and client satisfaction, and most of all loves to create fantastic imagery and illustrations to help you show off your new project.

(Please Note: Sarah is NOT a licensed architect)
Service Description
Located in Portland, OR, Sarah Steinberg of Strikeforce Design is trained in illustration and construction design and has a variety of professional experiences, from large offices to very small design-build firms. Sarah is a LEED accredited professional with experience in Permaculture design, gardening, and loves to think about the long term life of a project. Sarah has the experience to take on complex projects without breaking a sweat.

Strikeforce Design's belief is that design must serve the client first. We don't come at your project with a set aesthetic; our conversation with you determines what your project will look like. That said, we have a great sense of humor and whimsy, and love to design things that will make our clients, and yours, smile.

Sarah works in a variety of industry standard softwares to produce digital files. She will gladly work in almost any program for the duration of your project if a license can be provided or if the job is large enough to warrant purchase of your program; otherwise, she will work with you to find a good solution.

As an illustrator, modeler, renderer, and designer, Sarah is prepared to help architects, contractors, and design clients (whether it's your first project or one of many) in a variety of ways. She can make floor plans from your measurements and photos, help design a new layout for your space, and visualize new concepts for investors. She can create rich 3d images and beautiful watercolor renders, either created from your description or built from documents you already have. She also consults on "green" design issues, specializing in passive energy solutions.
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Awarded: 2008
Green Building Certification Institute
Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) - Accredited Professional
Awarded: 2008
Carnegie Mellon University
Bachelor of Architecture
2001 - 2006
the Sakura Group
2011 - 2013
part time work in design-build contractor's office. Responsible for green, japanese-style design in Portland, OR; responsible for construction documents and administration, ordering, detailing, and site visits.
Cody Anderson Wasney Architects
2006 - 2008
Provided drafting, design, and project support to architects. Field surveys & measurements; schematic, design development, construction documents, project management, and construction administration for residential, small commercial, historic preservation, and university projects. Worked in teams to produce plans, details, specifications, and conceptual drawings. Coordinated directly with consultants, clients, and product representatives. Led development of office CAD standards, graphics, manual, and procedures; provided CAD training for new employees. Digital and hand rendering. LEED organization and recommendations.
Pickell Architecture
2003 - 2006
Summer internship in small Architecture office. Residential schematic, design development, and construction documents in Auto Cad 2004 under supervision of the principal. Designed and implemented web site & online portfolio. Field measurements, historic preservation, rendering, photography, client meetings, and architectural production.
Payment Terms
Flat, hourly, or capped-hourly projects accepted. We expect a deposit of 25%-50% to begin the project (depending on type, cost, and whether we're using Tracker or Escrow) and the remainder when the final milestone has been completed to release the final deliverable-- or hourly timesheets with your preapproved hours.

Most illustration jobs will be flat rate projects as the nature of them does not lend to using Elance's tracker system.

Turnaround time is quick; I pride myself on meeting deadlines and making fast changes when you request them. I'll never tell you I can make a change in time if I can't, and I won't accept work that I cannot finish in a timely manner.
Matt Piccone
Matt Piccone, Architectural Designer, SERA Architects
Eli Haworth
the Sakura Group, Project Manager
manages construction projects at the Sakura Group.
Scott Smithwick
for Sarah Steinberg at CAW Architects, Project Manager
Archictectural drafting and design on a variety of new and renovation projects, from small commercial to large university work
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Sarah Steinberg