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Saravanan Raamya Ganeshbabu

Expert Unix&Linux Support
  |   Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  |  1:07 am Local Time



7+ years of confirmed capability in Administration of different types of Network, Server, and System and Operating system.
Administration and Maintenance HPRP 5470, HP 9000, HP LC2000, Blade 890ci2, BL870c i2, rx6600 Servers
Able to work under pressure and ensure in administration of infrastructure without downtime.
Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills and work effectively independently or as part of a team
Indigenously handled system administration in strength of more than 100 systems in network. Supporting 24/7 clients
An effective team member capability. industrious and result oriented.
Service Description
Proficiency in HP-Unix

Installation of HP 9000/800 servers and Peripherals.
Installation and configuration of HP-UX Operating system (11.11,11.23)
Installation of TCP/IP software on the clients and linking with HP servers using TCP/IP.
Disk partitioning using Logical Volume Manager (LVM) / Online JFS.
Maintaining / Configuring MC service Guard clusters
Maintaining / Configuring Superdome Partition (Vpar and Npar)
Allocating and Deallocation Processor and Memory as per Customer Request using ICOD/WLM
Setting up NFS servers and NFS clients. And access control for NFS files systems.
Disk mirroring using HP Mirror Disk/UX for data redundancy.
Maintenance of MC Service Guard cluster Environment.
Backup and recovery of data using Tivoli Storage Management, Ignite, Cron, fbackup/frecover
Crash recovery, Disaster recovery planning, Disk space management and Backup Management.
User account management creation, deletion, and shifting.
Scheduling the Ignite-Ux backup on HP-UNIX boxes.
Installation of PATCHES, Kernel Tuning the on the HP-9000 servers and Workstations.
Recover the HP UNIX OS by using Ignite Backup.
Awarded: 2007
Redington India Pvt Ltd
Residence Engineer
2005 - 2006
Maintenance of HP 9000 server 800 series PA-RISC Based processor Fundamentals of HP-Ux, Installation, Startup, Logins, Shells, Processors, File system Managing Users, Groups, and Accounts, Maintenance of Performance Management and optimization Installing and Configuring Peripheral devices and Hardware Updating Kernel Patches, Command Patches, Network Patches Maintenance of Software Depot and Patch Management Unix ware server - Installation and configure in Shriram Chits, CanaraBank, Madurai Installing, configuring, maintaining & troubleshooting of IBM PCs and Servers in Windows NT 4.0 & Windows 2000 environment. Installed and configured PC software, hardware, peripherals such as modems, printers, scanners, tape backup systems, CD-ROM/ CD-Writers/ DVD drives. Installation of configuration of Windows NT workstation as clients. Installation of configuration of Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 2000 Professional as clients. Computer Hardware assembling, call management, Vendor management, Asset management
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Saravanan Raamya Ganeshbabu | Elance

Saravanan Raamya Ganeshbabu