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Sarah D.

Copy Editing, Developmental Editing, and Writing
   United States
  |   Pittsburgh, PA
  |  5:17 pm Local Time


A great developmental editor shines because she can take her client's words and make sure that they reach their full potential and intended audience. An outstanding copy editor makes her mark because she catches the mistakes that others don't - those pesky, long-forgotten (by most) grammatical and mechanical rules.

I specialize in the editing and writing of non-fiction works, and as a seasoned freelancer who has repeatedly been referred to as "outstanding" and "great" by her clients, I am sure that I will be able to assist you with finding the words you need to succeed at whatever literary adventure you are undertaking. Whether you are a first-time author looking for guidance on structuring, organizing, and rewriting your book or a career academic in need of a second set of eyes for your latest journal submission, my experience ensures that your work is professional, publishable, and absolutely perfect.
Service Description
Your voice and ideas need to be heard, and you need an editor who can shape and mold your words to make them clear and concise, presentable and publishable, and most of all, enticing to your intended audience. This is where my expertise can be invaluable to you.

During my career as a freelance editor and writer, I have done developmental and copy editing on academic books that have been published by Oxford Press, MIT Press, the University of Pittsburgh Press, and others; I have completed thorough edits on dissertations that have allowed the writers to successfully complete their masters and doctorate degrees; I have collaborated with self-published authors to edit and prepare their books for publishing; and I have written and edited advertising copy, e-books, reports, and other important business tools.

Being a freelance editor allows me the freedom and flexibility to provide you and your project with a level of attention that you may not be able to find with a larger editing company or elsewhere. As an editor and writer who firmly believes that a collaborative process between myself and my clients produces outstanding work that exactly meets a client's needs and goals, I prefer to work with a policy of honest and open communications, understanding and availability, and a feeling of shared purpose. I want to see your project succeed as much as you do!

Developmental (substantive) editing services include:
-Examining structure and formatting
-Rewriting for continuity, clarity, and audience targeting
-Improving pace and flow
-Evaluating content and tone

Copy (content) editing services include:
-Correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues
-Checking for consistent syntax and diction
-Formatting and fixing mechanics

Non-fiction writing services include:
-Articles and journal submissions
-Books and e-books ghostwriting
-Blog writing, formatting, and posting

I am thoroughly familiar with Chicago, APA, MLA and AP styles of writing for non-fiction works, and can specifically edit and write to follow any of these or an alternate, in-house style.

I am a member of:
American Society of Business Publication Editors
American Copy Editors Society
Editorial Freelancers Association
Freelancer's Union
American MENSA
Typing Skills Certification
Awarded: 2007
American MENSA
Awarded: 2010
University of Pittsburgh
2003 - 2005
Carnegie Mellon University
Architecture, English
1999 - 2003
2010 - Present
I am the managing editor of this scientific research funding organization. Documents and press releases are overseen and often written by myself. I also write the company blog and work on PR and networking.
Sassy Stets
Copy Editor
2005 - Present
As the owner of my own freelancing business, I am given the opportunity to provide my skills to a wide variety of clients, both on the internet and in the real world.
Payment Terms
Payment is due upon completion of work according to the mutually agreed-upon, contractual terms.
Ivan Frank
Ivan Frank, Ph.D., Professor
I edited for content, grammar, and style a book titled "Israel, the Dream: What Then, What Now" for Dr. Frank. The book was a 126-page history of the state of Israel through modern times, including analyses of political, diplomatic, social, and cultural aspects of the state. It has since been published and positively reviewed. A review of it is viewable at
David Vitrant, Ph.D
David Vitrant, Executive Director
I edited a doctoral thesis about cancer research and the future of diagnosis and treatments based on investigations into miRNA identification. I also do editing and writing work for David's company.
Sarah D. | Elance

Sarah D.