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Robert Schoolcraft

Illustrator / MAC PRO
   United States
  |   Brooklyn, NY


I have been a published Illustrator / Graphics Artist* and Writer (French & English) for 20+ years, with Print and Web Publishers and Advertising clients in Canada, Europe, India, Australia and the U.S. *Though I have worked for several years as a 'graphic artist' and will sometime incorporate graphic designs into my illustrations, I no longer accept specifically 'graphic design' work.

I can communicate, via email, in English, French, and Spanish.

Clients: Oxford University Press, Publications International Ltd., Center for Advanced Linguistics (CAL), Pearson Educational Publishing (Prentice-Hall), Municipal Police Institute of Boston; Harcourt Brace, Waldman, Golden Books (Disney); Pedone Partners (M.J. Hummel, The Mills), Christie's, PriceWaterhouseLLP; Le Journal LaPresse, Les Editions Heritage and Les Editions Paulines (Montreal).

Service Description
I work using traditional but now mostly digital rendering techniques; My projects come to me either via, or my NYC (Manhattan) Agent; I also work by mail but I prefer the internet with print or web-ready digital artwork.

My fee for projects is considerably less than my agent's fee; and I am willing to drop my price by another 75% if projects meet these criteria:

Partial or full payment up-front
volume (100 or more items to be illustrated)
reference material supplied by Client (Better but not absolutely necessary)
Flexible deadline (I usually deliver final work before client's deadline)
No sketch for approval but included is minor revision work - a re-draw is considered new artwork.

If you are willing to meet these specs I'll be happy to work for a fraction of the usual cost.
Payment Terms
Payment Terms

All payments are negotiable, but must be funded via escrow account;
2 steps to escrow account:
1. funding escrow at the start of project, then each milestone
2. release of escrow funds when each milestone is reached.

I am flexible and offer clients high quality work at competitive prices.

Betty Krichman
Artworks Illustration, Partner
Commercial / Educational Illustration Rep on various projects for Oxford University Press and Publications International Ltd, CAL (Center for Advanced Linguistics).
Robert Schoolcraft | Elance

Robert Schoolcraft