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Superlative Science and Medical Writer /Editor
  |   Bangalore , Karnataka
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If you are looking for a proficient writer with a fluid and easygoing style, you are looking at the right profile page on Elance. I am a scientist (PhD in Cell Biology) who has chosen science and medical communications as a career space.

Clear, simple and direct communication is my forte. I can work with complex scientific information and break it down into manageable bytes of knowledge. I ensure that my readers get the take-home message.


1. Genotypic Technologies:
2. Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions -Institute of Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine (FRLHT- IAIM):
3. Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation:
4. Cactus Communications:
Service Description
So, what can I do for you? If you are a doctor or a research scientist, I can write
1. Research papers
2. Literature reviews
3. Summaries of research papers
4. CME modules
5. Blog posts
6. Newsletters
7. Articles
8. Powerpoint presentations

If you seek content aimed at consumer education, I can provide

1. E-books
2. Blog posts
3. Web content- Web content for hospitals, clinics, pharma companies
4. Product information literature- on drugs, food additives, herbs and herbal formulations
5. Articles on various diseases, disorders, syndromes and therapies for the same
6. Powerpoint presentations
7. Brochures on services of health centers like skin clinics, weight loss clinics and detox clinics
8. Newsletters and e-mail flyers

I can write high-end knowledge delivery products like books, scientific and medical literature reviews and patient education literature. I can write monographs on drugs, medicinally active compounds or herbal extracts.

I can provide articles on topics in natural sciences, nutrition, health and medical issues for popular media. In addition to writing new articles, I can also assist in writing grant proposals and edit as well as proofread scientific papers. I can also assist in presenting data in the form of Powerpoint presentations.

If you have a manuscript or even half a manuscript ready with you, please get in touch with me. I edit content written by other authors. I can compile books for you. I work with the raw text, edit it for grammar and punctuation, organize it into chapters and subheadings and provide other relevant addenda like table-of-contents, index, glossary, preface and epilogue to you.

I provide high-content and high-quality writing services. I have never felt the need to plagiarize anyone else's work and will always ensure that my clients never have to face copyright issues. All my projects start from scratch and are delivered on time.

I do not 'spin' articles or write meaningless fluff. The time, money and effort spent on 'spinning' software is expense one should not indulge in. You might as well pay a writer and get your content written by someone with real intelligence and capabilities. So, if you require high-end knowledge delivery products written, please do not hesitate to contact me.
National Center for BIological Sciences, Bangalore
Doctorate in Cell Biology
1996 - 2002
Payment Terms
Payment terms are flexible and negotiated independently with every client.