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Sean Brennan

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Hello - we are your gun goto experts for all things to do with your website.

We do everthing from basic CMS web development, to user testing and even large custom web applications. The best way to find out our offerings is to navigate through all the service areas under the expertise heading.

Our competitive advantage is that we think ahead. We know the strategies behind successful digital branding and how to create that all important intimate relationship with your customers. Our focus is on creating a website that loads quickly and on any device, and depicts your brand in the best light. We refer to these as intimate brand experiences.

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Service Description

- Responsive Websites
- Client Friendly CMS
- ntelligent Web Design
- Fast Loading Pages
- Touch & Emerging Platforms
- Social Media Strategy
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Email Campaign Management
- User Experience Design
- Usability Testing
- Custom Web Applications
- Easy Hosting
- Web Traffic Analysis
- Touch Kiosks
- Web Consultancy


Web users in Australia a rapidly moving towards accessing the web on their smartphones and tablets. Is your website ready?

We are one of the leading countries when is comes to using our smartphone for the web. In fact well over half our population will access the web once a day from a smartphone, and this rate is obviously higher in the major cities. And this rate is increasing very, very fast.

The future has arrived for mobile internet

The mobile user is brutal. If they land on a website and can't gather the information they want fast, they will leave. This is why your large or small business web design needs to take into account the mobile user interface & usability requirements for these visitors.

At this point you're probably thinking “oh great, I need to spend more time and money developing and maintaining a separate mobile website”. Wrong – with the introduction of Responsive Design to mobile web development, websites can now “respond” to any device screen dimension that accesses your page.

Breaking this down, it means that you maintain one website, one content flow, and have the capability to provide an optimised brand experience for you users whether they are desktop, tablet or smartphone users.

Isn't that great!

Responsive Design makes facing the scary emergence of the mobile web less intimidating. As Melbourne web developers, we love creating user experiences that are not only logical, but also economical and efficent.

Our mobile website design utilises responsive design to create a seamless web experience for your users.

Client Friendly CMS

A content management system (CMS) is a vital part of updating and maintaining your website. For starters, it saves you money not having to outsource website change to web developers.

However, a CMS can often confuse the web administrator if it is too complicated – and this defeats the purpose of its existence altogether.

We believe the Content Management System should be geared towards regular client usability, rather than developer or IT gurus. It should be straight forward, secure and intuitive. We have the answer.


We have managed to simplify the CMS usability so much, that we even use it OURSELVES for this website.

The CMS framework accommodates the the basic maintenance needs for any website, yet alos has other powerful features which can be switched on if required. The user interface design takes advantage of drag and drop technology and the interface in general is a breeze to navigate.

Most of our clients gets the jist of how to use the CMS within minutes.

Unlike other CMS solutions on the market, this one is not clunky or slow loading, meaning you can quickly log in and make a few changes fast.

Need an online shop?

We also have CMS solutions for ecommerce website design as well, which makes managing the products, orders, fulfilment notices and pricing simple.

Equally simple to use, our ecommerce CMS will handle all the nitty gritty security and payments handling and provide natural SEO to products and categories when created. It can also fit beautifully in with your mobile website design to maximise your total customer reach.


A website design does not just include the colors and pictures on your website. Graphic design is just a minor part of it. Our web design includes planning for code structure, page loading speeds, usability, device compatibility, wireframes, information architecture and overall brand experience.

This is why we are proud to say its intelligent

Designing for web is a different ball game to designing for printed collateral. Our advantage is that we take into account all the factors that contribute to the user experience of your website in the initial design.

Everything that appears on your page should be there for a reason, not simply because it looks pretty or because you want to fill in space.

Web Design Melbourne

As a digital agency Melbourne, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what the fundamentals are for your website. Our research into your industry area and target market will further enhance our design as we understand what is required to make your brand shine amongst competitors.

This makes us particularly popular for small business web design.

Getting Mobile

We are well known for our responsive design as part of our mobile website design product. Our design process delves deep into the mind of a mobile user and nuts out what they want from your site.

Most users accessing a website via mobile have limited time and are either after information or want to take action. We will optimise your site to take advantage of these user tendencies.

I want an online shop

Well your in luck. Our ecommerce website design is equally intuitive and thorough in its evolution. With ecommerce designs though, we go an extra step into researching consumer spending trends in the industry, and optimise design elements to accommodate their preferences.


Half of the population own a smartphone of which for 28% of them is their primary means of accessing the web. 74% of users will leave a website accessed on their mobile if it doesn't load within 5 seconds.

Efficient, fast loading websites

In the near future people will access the internet from their tablets and mobiles more than their computers. Smart businesses should always move with the trend.

Our Melbourne mobile web development expertise is on top of technology, which is why any project we undertake always looks at how a mobile internet user may find our website brand experience.

Why save loading time?

If you ask a lot of Melbourne web designers what is more important between speed or content, a long discussion will most likely ensue. We believe purely and simply that speed always wins. Why?

If you don't capture your audience in that first 5 seconds while they wait for the content to load, odds are they will leave. What good is your content to them if they aren't sticking around.

We roll like this

Using efficient server side code, smart CSS3 styling, optimised images and a user interface that accommodates responsive design, we can shed seconds off loading times without removing key content.

It is this technique and strategy that gives Future Pixel the edge – we can provide a solution to the big three problems that trouble most web design company Melbourne agencies.

1. mobile web developemnet
2. CMS made simple
3. fast page loading.


Got a great idea? Need some custom web development? Future Pixel can help. We can be your go to Melbourne web developers to design and develop your complex web application.

What sort of stuff?

We can do booking systems, online payments, photo galleries, store locators, online polls and much more. We can build them from scratch or we can adapt an existing component or module.

These custom fittings can also be used in conjunction with our CMS solutions and our mobile web development.

Weapons of choice

We are all about a free and open source web, so its no surprise we used technologies such as PHP for our server-side scripting. However, we turbo charge our PHP using Codeigniter, which gives us an nice little MVC framework to develop your applications.
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Payment Terms
For the general project, 30% upfront and 100% on completion and delivery of solution.
Sean Brennan | Elance

Sean Brennan