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Accounting,AuditingExpert with Financial Mgt skill
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An Indian with Masters Degree in Financial management (M.Com) of Kerala University, studied at Fatima Mata National College, Kollam during 1972 to 1979.Experienced in Administration, Accounting & Auditing for more than 24 Years .Worked in India and Abroad.In India Worked as Auditor of co-operative banks for for more than 17 years.Worked in Abroad as Accountant of Companies for nearly 6 years and as Accounts Teacher for 1 year.
Areas of experience are ,In India: Manual Auditing of Accounts and Inspection of Administration of co-operatives and preparation of interpreted and analyzed Audit Report. And also Arbitration work on the defaulted debtors.
In Abroad:- Overall control of Accounts Dept : Internal Control of Financial Transactions, Preparation of Financial Accounts– monthly, and annually Preparation Budgets, Project Cost Reports etc..Worked in fully Computerized Accounting System. Accounting Package- Quick Books pro and ACCPAC

Service Description
The prospective clients may require from an Accounting expert to get prepared their financial accounts to be submitted before the management and/or to the Authorities and so such a Report whether it is Monthly,Quarterly,Half yearly or Yearly should reveal the accurate and true results of the financial transactions for the said period from the raw data kept and supplied by them.Such finalized Accounts may include the following

An Income statement -which may contain
The Manufacturing and Trading account :- to reveal the Trading profit or loss (Gross Profit / Loss)
The profit and loss Account :- to reveal the Operating result IE the Net Profit / Loss, and finally
The Balance sheet :- shows the Financial position of the business,which contains the balances of various Assets owned and Liabilities owed by the business.
For this purpose of making the above Final Accounts detailed statements of these various Accounts are to be prepared and its schedules to be attached.

To conclude a Financial Report,the Accountant's interpretations,analysis and suggestions for improvement may also be included with the Financial Statements.

Some of the clients may also want to audit their raw accounting data and then finalize to prepare a full fledged Financial Report for each fiscal year.

For all these to be done in an efficient and proper manner in terms of Accounting Principles, the service of an Accounting and Audit expert is required.

Here by I humbly submit my services to the needy clients for this task of Accounts preparation covering A to Z area of Accounting. And I am sure and confident that I can do the tasks as to the requirements of the clients with full responsibility. I am qualified and fully experienced in this field.

Kindly go through my experience
In the field of preparation of Accounts, manual as well as computerized

My experience in abroad
1. Term . 29th December 1996 to 9th February 1999 (2 years 2 months)
Name of Employer : Vara Maldives Pvt ltd (Now Fuels Supplies Maldives)
Male’, Republic of Maldives.
Post Held : Chief Accountant
Nature of work : Overall control of Accounts Dept
: Internal Control of Financial
: Preparation of Financial Accounts – monthly, and
: Worked in fully Computerized Accounting System
and Excel, Quick Books pro.

2.Term. 1st June1999 to 11th July 2000 (1year 1 month)
Name of Employer : Pubel Putrajaya Recruitment BHD ( A small firm)
Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Post Held : Accounts Manager
Nature of work : Overall Control of Accounts, Preparation Budgets,
Project Cost Reports etc.
: Ms Office

3. Term . 13th March 2002 to 2nd June 2003 (1 year 2 months)
Name of Employer : Villa Fishing Company Pvt Ltd (a subsidiary
of Villa Shipping & Trading Company Pvt ltd
Male’ Republic of Maldives. )
Post Held : Chief Accountant
Nature of work : Preparation of Accounts of the Company.
: Supervision of Accounts & Financial matters.
: Preparation of Monthly Financial Reports.
: Preparation of Cost Statements & Budgets
: Ms Office.

4. Term. 3rd June 2003 –16th September 2004. (1 year 3 months)
Name of Employer : Villa Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd. (a subsidiary
of Villa Shipping & Trading Company Pvt Ltd)
Post Held : Chief Accountant
Nature of work : Maintenance of Accounts, Controlling the
Financial affairs of the company, Monthly
Accounts & Annual Accounts preparation,
Budgets preparation etc.
Accounting Package- ACCPAC

Teaching Experience in abroad -
5. Term. 29th September 2004 – 31-10-2005 (1 year 1 month)
Name of Employer : Ministry of Education, Republic of Maldives.
Post Held : Accounts Teacher ( British Syllabus)
Nature of work : Handling Accounting Classes for the A’ Level and
O’ Level students

In the area of Auditing of Accounts AND Administration of Co-operatives I have more than 17 years of experience in INDIA

1. 16th May 1984 to 27th December 1996 (12 Years 7 months)
2. 1st March 2006 to 31st March 2011 (05 Years 1 month )

Name of Employer : Government of Kerala
Post Held : Inspector/ Auditor of Co-operative Banks
Term : 16-05-84 to 27-12-96
Nature of Duties : Audit financial Accounts of Co-operative
Bank and Submit Audit Report to the Govt.
: Inspect the Co-operatives in matters of
Registration, Function and Liquidation.
: Arbitration and Execution work for the collection of
Ar rear debts of members of co-operatives.

Post Held : Assistant Registrar of co-operative Societies
Term : 07-11-07 to 16-4-10
Nature of Duties : Controlling a team of co-operative inspectors,
Arbitrators and Sale officers in the Taluk level office
and evaluate the work they have done during every
month and report the progress to the government
and also served as Taluk level Arbitrator and District
Co-operative Bank Arbitrator cum Sale officer

Post Held : Assistant Director of co-operative Audit
Term : 16-04-10 to 31-03-11
Nature of Duties : Controlling a team of co-operative Auditors (Unit and
Concurrent) in the Taluk level office and evaluate the
work they have done during every month and report
the progress to the government

Kerala University - India
Master of Commerce -Financial Management
1972 - 1979
Government of Kerala, India
Assistant Registrar / Director
2006 - 2011
Rejoined Kerala Government Service after the leave and promoted to Assistant Registrar / Director during 2007 with the responsibility of supervising a number of Auditors / Inspectors with their duty of auditing and preparing audit reports and approving the Reports after rectifying the errors if any. Retired from service on attaining the age of 55.
Ministry of Education, Maldives.
Accounts Teacher
2004 - 2005
Handled Accounting Classes for the A’ Level and O’ Level students with the Accounting syllabus of GCE.
Villa Shiping and Trading Company Pte Ltd,Maldives
Chief Accountant
2002 - 2004
Maintenance of Accounts, Controlling the Financial affairs of the company, Preparation of Monthly & Annual Financial Reports.Preparation of Cost Statements & Budgets preparation the sister concerns "Villa Fishing Company" and "Villa Travels ". Accounting Package used- ACCPAC
Pubel Putrajaya Recruitment Bhd, K.L, Malaysia
Accounts Manager
1999 - 2000
A small recruitment company where I worked as Accounts Manager with supervision and maintenance of accounts of the company.Also prepared project reports for land developments projects.
Vara Maldives Pte Ltd, Male', Maldives
Chief Accountant
1996 - 1999
The employer was an oil trading company supplying petrol,diesel and other oils through out Maldives and because of its higher volume of business it is taken over by the Govt of Maldives and its new name is Fuel Supplies Maldives. In the capacity of a Chief Accountant I was in charge of the full accounting of the company and I made a systematic accounting in the company through strict internal control of all financial transactions of the company which lead it to become self sufficient and a profitable company and seen initial steps of taking over of the company by the government.Accounting during my start there was all manual book-keeping and later Quick Books was installed and also developed an accounting package of the company during my time. Left the company to take employment at Malaysia.
Government of Kerala, India
Auditor / Inspector of Co-operatives
1984 - 1996
Joined Kerala government service as Junior Auditor / Inspector of co-operative Societies.Promoted to Senior Auditor / Inspector during November 1991.Took a leave for seeking employment abroad from December 1996.
Payment Terms
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