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Severn T.

Experienced Linux/BSD/Win sysadmin & programmer
  |   kitchener, Ontario
  |  9:38 am Local Time


I am an experienced systems administrator with over 8 years of experience managing Linux (RHEL/CentOS), FreeBSD, and Windows servers running web/app stacks and database servers standalone and in high available/clustered environments. I also have extensive experience in scripting and coding on those platforms. I am familiar with PHP, C/C++, shell scripting, as well as SQL. I am also experienced in virtualization and VPN technologies.
Service Description
I am located in Canada (Eastern time) and am available for 10-20 hours of work per week primarily in the evenings and occasionally weekends.
University of Waterloo
Payment Terms
For small (under $100) projects or tasks, I expect payment within 5 business days of my completion of the assignment provided that I have met all your requirements. You should be available to confirm that my work has met your needs within 24 hours of my completion.

For larger projects, I expect clear milestones and payment on completion of each milestone.
Severn T. | Elance

Severn T.