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Andrey Sazonov

Expert 3D artist
  |   Nikolaev, Nikolaevskaya
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Our team was initiated in the early 2008 as a result of collaborative work of experienced 3D freelancers in the field of game design. Since then we've been showing our best in games content creation, web/TV presentations, postproduction and VFX development.

We are versatile. Among us are painters and animators, designers and certified 3D instructors. Boosting each other with vision and skills we are constantly growing. 3DGarden and VizMotor are our brandnames.

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Welcome to our 3D garden ;)
Service Description
- Concepting (sketching, script writing, storyboarding)

- Modeling (lowpoly, hipoly, for 3d printing, sculpting)

- Texturing (UV Mapping, next-gen maps production, baking, photo projection)

- Setup for animation (game and video production rigging, skinning)

- Animation (cartoon or realistic animation for game and video production)

- Rendering (Vray, Arnold)

- Post production (digital compositing, 3d integration, motion graphics, rotoscoping, keying, color correcting, tracking)

- Sound (effects and music)
Moscow Mitta School
The Travis Technique
Awarded: 2011
Moscow Mitta School
Awarded: 2011
Academy of Computing Technologies STEP (Donetsk)
Autodesk Maya Certificate of Completion
Awarded: 2008
Academy of Computing Technologies STEP (Donetsk)
Autodesk 3dsmax Certificate of Completion
Awarded: 2008
KDT training center. Nikolaev, Ukraine
Trained manager and consultant
Awarded: 2008
Ukranian Maritime Technical University
2011 - 2013
Moscow Filmmaking School
Scriptwriting courses
2010 - 2013
Ukranian Maritime Technical University
Electrical engineer
1996 - 2001
3DGarden | Vizmotor
Cofounder, project manager, animator
2007 - Present
Project hunting and tracking. Art and tech supervising.
Private college "STEP"
3d instructor
2003 - 2010
Courses of 3d design and animation (Autodesk 3dsmax and Maya), special trainings and seminars.
Payment Terms
We are flexible in payment terms and ready to negotiate them with every client individually.
Andrey Sazonov | Elance

Andrey Sazonov