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Sharon Bratcher

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I am Sharoncopy:
--a Publication Manager who handled seven community magazines at a time, providing written material/photos and copy edited material from contributors.
--a professional resume writer
-- a writer who has published more than 150 magazine and newspaper articles and more than 1200 web articles,
-- a certified copy editor who has worked on 8 books within the past 5 years.
--a former English and Public Speaking teacher and private tutor, who has written curriculum for children and adults.
-- a former Office Manager who wrote promotional letters and ads and provided customer service and bookkeeping.
I meet deadlines. I am extremely creative and able to intuit and meet the desires of the clients within their established parameters. This includes deducing the perceived needs of the targeted customers and writing to attract them. I am a hard sell, so I ask, "What would make ME buy this?
Service Description
1. Short or long articles - 100 words or 10,000
2. Copy editing - all spelling and grammar will be correct
3. Copy writing - for marketing, web content, item description
4. RESUMES - reasonably priced
5. Ghost-writing - telling your story
6. Formatting for publication from Word or Publisher
7. Speech therapy - assisting you in losing your accent
8. Voice-over - award-winning Advanced Level Toastmaster experience
9. Transcription - from audio to perfect Word document or e-book
10. Quickbooks assistance

Temple University
Master Copyediting Certificate
Awarded: 2005
Montgomery County Community College
2008 - 2009
Eastern Michigan University
Secondary Level Teaching Certificate-English
1977 - 1978
William Tyndale College
B.A. (B.R.E.)
1972 - 1976
Reformed Perspective Magazine
2005 - Present
I have written for Reformed Perspective magazine for nine years. For the past five years, I have written a regular column on any number of subjects regarding relationships, growth as human beings, and God. 45 of these articles were collected into a book entitled: Soup and Buns: Nourishment from God's Word for Your Daily Struggles, published in 2009. I have written curriculum and over 2000 articles for websites on various topics.
hibu, Inc.
Publication Manager
2013 - 2014
I was the project manager for seven community magazines. I interviewed and wrote content and took photos and gathered and copy edited articles and photos from members of the communities. I always met my deadlines and I had one of the highest percentages in the company for securing community content, as directed by management.
Zeo Brothers Productions, Inc.
Office Manager
2006 - 2012
My duties included: customer service, letter-writing and customer/vendor contact, accounts payable and accounts receivable, HR functions, public relations materials.
Manna Bible Institute
English Professor
1979 - 1983
I taught Composition and Literature at the Freshman and Sophomore levels, and a class in How to teach. I wrote some of my own curriculum. I wrote promotional materials for the Institute and planned and conducted prospective students visiting days.
Taylor Center Baptist Academy
High school teacher
1978 - 1979
I taught English, History, and Public speaking to students in 9th-12th grades.
Payment Terms
$20/hour minimum payment

Sharon Bratcher | Elance

Sharon Bratcher