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Daniel Holt

Cambridge educated chemistry PhD researcher, UK
   United Kingdom
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I have been part of the Chemistry department of Cambridge University for almost a decade, and am currently submitting my PhD thesis. I have copious experience in scientific writing, having published several papers in peer-reviewed journals, and written reports on my work for audiences on three continents.

My writing experience extends beyond the scientific world: I have had several magazine articles published over the years, largely on topics relating to Christian theology and the cultures of sub-Saharan Africa.

I also have a fluent command of French, and am particularly proficient at translating from French to English. I also know Koine Greek and can greet you in any one of several Bantu languages.
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I solve problems. Having to use brute force frustrates me: there is always a quicker and more elegant solution to a problem. Finding it is my job. Solving your problems elegantly and quickly saves you time and money.

I also communicate. I write clearly, elegantly and accurately. I inform and entertain.

I have excellent computer skills. MS Office as standard, with fluency in LaTeX and competence in Matlab, LabVIEW and Inkscape for document design and layout, graphical design and data crunching.
University of Cambridge
Chemistry PhD
2004 - 2010
University of Cambridge
Natural Sciences MA
2004 - 2006
University of Cambridge
Natural Sciences (BA, MSci) Class I
2000 - 2004
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Daniel Holt | Elance

Daniel Holt