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The Sigma Law Group, James M Smedley LLC

Forward Thinking - Client Focused
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About the Company

The Sigma Law Group is the domain of James M Smedley LLC.

The law firm of James M Smedley LLC is an intellectual property law boutique consisting of 6 attorneys focused on intellectual property prosecution and corporate transactional matters.

Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington, D.C. and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Our Focus is on the protection of your Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Secrets) and the handling of your technology and business law concerns (Licensing, Terms of Service, Privacy Concerns, Contracts, Business Formation, Due Diligence, Compliance).
Service Description
Comprehensive Counseling
Protect yourself with an organization that can handle your every legal need

Forward Thinking
Keeping our clients one step ahead

Client Focused
Focused on the client and nothing but the client

Working with our clients, every step of the way

Patent Drafting
Patent Prosecution
Freedom to Operate Opinions
Prior Art Searches
Trademark Prosecution
Trademark Licensing & Acquisition
Copyright Registration
Copyright Licensing & Acquisition
Non Compete Agreements
Non Disclosure Agreements
Trade Secret Counseling
Business Counseling
Contract Drafting & Review
Terms of Use & Privacy Agreements
Software Licensing & Development Agreements
Cease & Desist Letters

All legal services are rendered by James M Smedley LLC.

Recently Issued Patents:

US Pat. No.: 8,600,665: Aligning Passengers and Vehicles
US Pat. No.: 8,484,041: System and Method for Reputation Scoring
US Pat. No.: 8,475,282: Engine Agnostic Interface for Communication Between Game Engines and Simulation Systems
US Pat No.: 8,326,838: Education Credentials Management Method and System

US Pat. No.: 8,606,550: Autoeconometrics Modeling Method
US Pat. No.: 8,392,313: Financial Options System and Method

Medical Devices
US Pat. No.: 8,542,325: Color Changing Contact Lenses

Consumer Products/Goods/Services
US Pat. No.: 8,529,159: Golf Course Bunker Construction Methods and Materials
US Pat. No.: 8,117,755: Precision Cutter

US Pat No.: 8,528,244: Weapons Instrumentation System

United States Patent and Trademark Office
Registered Patent Attorney
Awarded: 2010
New York, Supreme Court, Appellate Division
New York State Bar
Awarded: 2009
New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners
New Jersey State Bar
Awarded: 2008
Year Founded
Number of Employees
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The Sigma Law Group, James M Smedley LLC | Elance

The Sigma Law Group, James M Smedley LLC