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CatchPenguins Info Solutions Pvt Ltd

Apache Linux WHM AWS Penetration testing
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I am Linux and AWS server administrator with a valid US business VISA and 7+ years of experience in managing installing and securing the Linux servers, willing to do some Linux tasks to your server as a permanent solution not as an temporary solution. I have installed FFMPEG with all the required modules and also with libvpx, I also have knowledge in mail services like exim, sendmail. Apache webservice. Mysql database service. Control panels like cPanel, Plesk and kloxo. Operating systems like Centos, ubuntu, debian. I have Nessus paid server scanner for PCI/DSS scans to secure your server from most of server attacks
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Linux administration, cPanel, Centos, ubuntu, debian, bootex, Penetration testers Nessus scan, PCI compliance, AWS consulting
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CatchPenguins Info Solutions Pvt Ltd | Elance

CatchPenguins Info Solutions Pvt Ltd