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Richard Penman

Web scraping expert
  |   Melbourne, Victoria
  |  10:54 pm Local Time


Hi there - for the last few years I have specialized at web scraping. In this time I have extracted data from websites that require parsing JavaScript/AJAX, using proxies, solving CAPTCHA's, and contain millions of records.

I use Amazon's EC2 for my web crawling infrastructure.
Much of my web scraping library is open sourced to make sharing solutions with clients easier:

I can provide scraped data in whatever format is required: CSV, XML, MySQL, etc. (Most clients prefer CSV)

I speak native English, fluent Esperanto(!), and basic Korean.
Feel welcome to contact me to find out what is possible.

(I notice some Elance providers have copied parts of my profile. It is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so thanks guys!)
Service Description
This is my usual workflow for web scraping projects:

1) Discuss what data is needed:
- Website URL
- Output fields (business name, address, phone, email, etc)
- Output format (csv, xml, mysql, etc)

2) Agree on the budget.

3) I prepare a sample and make adjustments based on feedback.

4) Once downloading has finished I send the full output.

I can still make changes to the output format at this time - all downloaded webpages are cached so it is quick to prepare an update.

If the output file is large I will provide a download link from my server.
And if downloading takes a while I can provide regular updates of the data if required.
The University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Software Engineering
2003 - 2007
2008 - Present
Extracting data from websites and automating website services
The University of Melbourne
Research Assistant
2005 - 2008
Research Assistant in various computer science fields: computer vision, information retrieval, augmented reality
Payment Terms
When practical I prefer to work for a fixed fee per milestone rather than an hourly rate. This gives you confidence about the final price and gives me incentive to be productive.
Richard Penman | Elance

Richard Penman