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Lukas Rampa

A lot of experience, but still learning...
   Czech Republic
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A lot of experience, but still learning...
Service Description
I work as a developer since 1997.

Over the time I have gained experience with various languages and frameworks.

I am not a "one field" expert, although my best knowledge is of Perl and Java languages.

I have developed and maintain Perl based system for sequence
EDI messages processing for automotive suppliers of VW.

For 5 years I took part in development of Java based warehouse
management system. This is server side system with browser-based
client, running on Tomcat application server and Microsoft SQL Server
database. Part of the solution is telnet (VT100) client running
on wireless barcode scanners.

Since 2007 I do development in the field of SAP PI (Process
Infrastructure, former SAP XI). This includes among others Java
and XSLT development.
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Patrick Townsend
Townsend Security, Inc., Founder and CEO
Between 2011 and 2013 we worked on multiple projects: CertManager - Perl web application for X509 certificates management, built using Catalyst framework; AKM::SymmetricKey - Perl module for interaction with Townsend Security's AKM system; akmbr - Custom Webmin module for backup/restore of AKM specific configuration; AKM::Encrypt - another Perl module for interaction with AKM system.
Lukas Rampa | Elance

Lukas Rampa