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About the Company

Vision ? To be a Leader in the IT& Enabled Services by focusing on Quality and On Time Delivery, thereby ensuring highest level of Customer Satisfaction.

Values ? We encourage our team to always be HUMBLE!!

Make a difference
Be the best

Customers of all sizes are faced with one essential challenge: the need for excellent Service Delivery in a time bound and professional manner. Skyline -
An Information Technology Consulting Company, provides Website and Web Based Application Development Services through its experienced and Customer Centric Professionals. We aspire to become a Leading End to End Provider of IT Solutions through our Customer Centric approach and in-depth business knowledge with focus on Quality.
Service Description
We ensure that the Quality of service provided is nothing short of the best. Our work force is dedicated towards our client's success and we align our business strategy to suit our customer's needs.
Our Team comprises of members and employees who have experience working with top notch companies in all the domains mentioned, however, this is not the reason for us to come together. At Skyline, we believe in making a real difference by adding value to the organization/individual by becoming an actual extension of their Goals. Our services are strictly tailor made and there is nothing generic about Skyline.

Web Development -
We provide website development service from scratch. We design the site and program the features and functionality all in house. We have domain expertise on e-commerce, Dating Sites, Social Networking, LMS, Mobile Application, Basic websites, web based applications etc. Everything is done in-house and clients are given direct access to the team to ensure a faster turn around time and transparency. However we love developing sites on new concepts that have not hit the market yet. In this sphere the most important thing we believe is the post delivery service whether paid or within coverage of free service as per the agreement. We believe we should be available for a past client ALWAYS, no matter how big we have grown or how small we are. Corporate is good but if we add a little tradition of the past, ethics and honesty we believe we will not only prevail and sustain but we will become the change that is required in today's business dealings especially on a long distance platform like this.

Our BPO/KPO line of business deals with end to end customer life cycle. From designing the service/product features to providing end user customer support, we specialize in Customer Life cycle Management by focusing on Quality and excellent customer experience.
Microsoft Partner Network Organization
Awarded: 2012
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Awarded: 2011
Dr. Amr Sheta
Website Service
2012 - 2012
Was employed to design and develop Dr.Amr Shetas website for his practice.
Eman I. Elashkar
2012 - 2012
Working for her on website design and development.
Rodolphe de Lapeyrouse
2012 - 2012
Working on website and web application design and development projects
Year Founded
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Payment Terms
25% upfront, remaining 75% as per the milestones set.
Payment mode - elance escrow.
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