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Getting your point across is often about finding just the right words, about language that is precise and clear, without a whole lot of fluff. I love language. I love finding ways to engage readers with clean and simple words, using rhythm, punctuation and grammar instead of unnecessary padding that might cause the reader to stumble.

I have received undergraduate and postgraduate education from Russell Group Universities, excelling in every subject I have taken. My skills and employment are diverse, from computing and design, to creative writing and research, I take any task head on, efficiently and to the absolute best of my ability.

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Service Description
As a Masters student studyng non-fiction creative writing I am experienced in taking facts and transforming them into an engaging and lively narrative. As a philosophy graduate I always apply myself with rigour, thoroughness and a critical eye. As an experienced administrator I am used to working to tight deadlines, writing funding bids, applications and articles. And as a freelance wordpress consultant and designer I am experienced at taking a client's brief and delivering what they want, when they want it.

Specific services I can offer are:

Creative Writing (fiction & non-fiction)
Writing a narrative, whether fiction or non-fiction, is about conjuring a dream within the reader's head. The precise words, tone and rhythm are what it takes to make that dream continuous and engaging, allowing the words to come alive. I have experience writing short stories, articles and am currently working on my first book-length work.

Articles & blog posts
An article or blog post needs to get across the facts while engaging the reader. The writer needs to develop a balance between style and content that has the reader coming back for more. On top of that, a successful article has an underlying structure to guide the reader through it.

The key to a successful advertorial is to get the reader engaged in your product without them feeling that they are being given the hard sell. It's about getting the facts across without bashing the reader over the head with it. With experience writing advertorials in the manufacturing industry, I'm confident I can take any information and transform it into an engaging article that gets the reader interested in your product.

Copywriting & copyediting
Whether you're producing a website, a brochure or a book, clean, precise copy is essential. For me, copy needs to have everything extraneous stripped out, using rhythym, tone and punctuation rather than flowery words and metaphors. I am experienced writing copy for a number of different audiences - academic, industrial and for the public. To get the right copy, it's about listening to what the client needs, researching the market and producing copy that is targeted towards the key readership.

Admin & Support
I have worked for a number of different companies, both in the public and private sector, providing admin support and in-house design:

Having produced two theses, undergraduate and postgraduate, I am have shown myself capable of producing high quality research. My current research spans both the UK and the USA, involving research in archives, looking through newspapers and court records, conducting interviews and tracing persons. In addition, I have produced research reports in a number of different subjects, including archaeology, manufacturing and engineering.

Virtual Assistant
To work from home you need to be organised, motivated and meticulous, especially when you are assisting another person. I have experience working as a PA both in the public and private sector. I have worked as an administrator for an overseas Institute and am comfortable liasing with people online and on the other side of the world.

In addition I have experience bookkeeping, designing databases, managing diaries and making travel arrangements.

Web & Design
With advanced training across the Adobe Creative Suite, I am confident that I can produce design for print and web to meet your standards:

I love wordpress. As an open source CMS it is perfect. It is easy to customise, intuitive to use, there is great support and there are thousands of plugins that allow you to develop a site to your needs. I have conducted a number of training courses, showing small businesses and charities how to use wordpress. I also carry out wordpress customisation for clients and SEO.

Branding - Logos, brochures, corporate stationary and banners
A logo should say it all about your business. It should be individual, striking and encapsulate your brand. Not only that, but it needs to meet necessary requirements regarding colour and size to enhance its usability. As well as designing logos, I can create brochures for print, and graphics for your website.

City University
MA Creative Writing - Non-fiction
2009 -
The University of Warwick
MA Continental Philosophy
2004 - 2006
The University of Newcastle
BA Philosophical Studies
2001 - 2004
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Siobhan McKeown | Elance

Siobhan McKeown