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SMEcopywriting: Dare To Be Different?

Persuasive Copy Using Neuroscience & Psychology
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About the Company

Ever wonder, what makes people buy?

We all want copy that sells...

Nobody wants to waste time and money on something that flops.

It used to be ... a good headline ... a money-back guarantee ... and a decent offer would do the trick ...

But times have changed...

We live in a face-paced world ... surrounded by entertainment ... and instant gratification.

And, we can't let our sales letters, emails and marketing messages fall behind the times.

Come on .... think about your own buying behavior ...

How long do you put up with boring copy?

... or read an entire sales page from top to bottom?

Deep down, you know things have changed ....

Leading companies like Apple, Google and Nike know it ...

I know it ... and you know it too.

Do you dare to be different?
Service Description
Hi, I'm Sabina Philipsz, a copywriter, marketer and web strategist with a "new age" way of writing that uses psychology, persuasion and neuroscience.

I'm not a content writer ... I'm a sales writer and sales funnel strategist.

I can help you...

- Stand out in a crowd, so people choose you over your competitors.
- Create a "voice" that's interesting and appealing, so people like and follow you.
- Attract leads and build relationships, so selling becomes easier.
- Automate your communications, so you work less and accomplish more.
- Close sales, so you can make more money and help more people.

EVERYTHING I do is based on psychology, persuasion, neuroscience ... and tactics that currently work the BEST.

Have you heard of Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace, Andre Chaperon, Ben Settle, Russell Brunson or Ryan Deiss? They are my mentors.

As you know marketing is a combination of art and science (with so many changing variables).

Will results of my work vary? ... Absolutely.

Will everything I write be a winner? ... Not always.

However, should we work together ... I'll use every tactic and strategy I know ... to create copy of the highest quality and performance.

Plus, I do have some pretty cool tools to test, analyze, measure ... and improve ... our results.

FAIR WARNING: I don't accept rush projects. (Sorry, but my brain needs time to incubate.)

Let's set up a brief introductory phone or Skype chat ... and make the magic happen.
SME Copywriting
2001 - Present
SME Copywriting was founded in 2001. The company provides copywriting and marketing services, info-marketing, and various business coaching programs.
Fanshawe College
Sales and Marketing Teacher
2003 - 2005
I taught two courses at the college level: Sales and Marketing; Advertising and Promotion
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Payment Terms
All projects must be funded in advance using Elance Escrow, and funds released promptly when the project is completed to your total satisfaction.
SMEcopywriting: Dare To Be Different? | Elance

SMEcopywriting: Dare To Be Different?