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Shiela Mae Malayo

Researcher/Encoder/A bit of everything
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Quality and not quantity. That is how I do things. With my service, you are assured that you get what you paid for. I have a 4.9/Recommended reviews and a 63% repeat client with several regular ongoing projects with clients. I am already a long term freelancer here in elance and had gained my reputation for that. With my expertise and work background I usually do tasks like:

1. internet research
2. data entry/data analysis into excel, word or data base from various sources like pdf, scanned documents, etc.
3. Email correspondence
4. Lead generation
5. Create and manage facebook ads
6. Create and manage google ads
7. A little of wordpress

I am not an expert but I am very willing learn and to be trained and that is how I work with my client. I am a fast learner and get my way through things that I do not know with the help of google and youtube.

So hire me and see it for yourself!

Service Description
Professional and punctual and experienced in the field of data entry. With these qualities,I can guarantee satisfaction to my clients or else they can opt not to pay me.

I have been working as a freelance virtual assistant here in elance for quit sometime now and excellent, awesome and great job are just some my client's comments with regards to my work.

I am very hardworking, reliable and very flexible when it comes to work schedule. I can work earlier than the agreed working schedule or extend my hours of work in order to finish the task.

I am very diligent with my work and tend to study it until I can master how to do it. Awesome! Great job! Excellent! Good work quality are just some of my clients comments.
University of the Philippines in the Visayas
BS Management major in Business Management
2001 - 2005
Virtual Assistant
2012 - Present
Virtual Assistant (Homebase) May 2012 to August 2012 1. Modify and save PDF files 2. Manage and update various excel file 3. Update reports and send it to the corresponding sales group 4. Running and analyzing data reports for the company 5. Update data to CRM like shipping cost, payment made by the customer and Order form 6. Extract data from website and transfer to Excel files 7. Internet research 8. other duties as needed
Philippine Spring Water Resources, Inc. - Antique
Cashier/Data Entry Encoder
2010 - 2012
Antique Branch Cashier/Encoder: April 5, 2010 to May 06,2012 Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Receive remittance and Deposit to respective bank. 2. In-charge in payroll 3. Handle Petty Cash Fund and Responsible for Encashment 4. In-charge in budget management i.e. Accounts Payable of the branch 5. Encode Petty Cash Vouchers with its corresponding Encashment Report 6. Do collection Versus Deposit and CER reconciliation 7. Prepare monthly sales and collection reports 8. Prepare Credit and Collection Report ( Past due Accounts and Multiple receipts) 9. Reconcile customer accounts versus A/R as per request by the salesteam 10. Prepare monthly expenses report 11. Update book of accounts 12. In-charge in business permit renewal 13. Other duties given by my superiors 14. And all the responsibilities of an encoder
Philippine Spring Water Resources, Inc. - Iloilo
Data Entry encoder
2007 - 2010
Encoding: 1. In-charge on timely encoding of the following documents: • RSI – Route Sales Invoice • CI – Cash Invoice • OR – Official Receipt • POS – Pull-out Slip • CAC – Customer’s Accountability Contract • DR – Delivery Receipt 2. Facilitate delivery receipt issuance to customers/branch as requested by the sales and marketing group. 3. Delivery Issuance to employee’s account, branch copy of delivery receipt is for filing and other copy of DR will be forwarded to Cebu office. 4. In-charge of customer’s contract monitoring and updating of status. 5. Generate print-out of statement of account with its attachment. 6. In-charge on the issuance of debit memorandum and credit memorandum (DM/CM) following the procedure on DM/CM issuance. 7. Debit/credit memorandum shall be forwarded to Cebu office and facilitate the posting of DM/CM once it is approved. 8. Facilitate the reconciliation together with the branch cashier concerning daily encoded cash invoices and official receipt versus cashier’s bank daily deposit. 9. Preparation of monthly reports ready for submission to Cebu office on or before 5th of the following month; • Sales Report • Collection Report • Aging of accounts receivable 10. Processing of commission ready for submission to cebu office as summarized and approved by the supervisor.
Payment Terms
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Shiela Mae Malayo | Elance

Shiela Mae Malayo