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Sean Monaghan

Expert Researcher/Seasoned Writer, Jack of Trades
   United States
  |   West Chester, PA
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I specialize in blogging, research, creative writing, poetry, and article writing. I can take any idea and mold it with any tone you wish. I can make any idea into a persuasive, interesting, and amusing piece. I view writing as an art form and while each time I commit to a job I improve, it's an art I'm very well versed in and heavily experience. I can edit and summarize anything, and after 8 years consider myself an expert in the field of research. I can write about anything, there is no limitations to my power of expression. I pride myself in being versatile and skilled, not chained to only one form of writing.

I have a large list of skills that all contribute to the enhancement of one another. I offer reliability, honesty, and a commitment to meeting deadlines.
Service Description
I can do any form of work involving writing, you name it and I can find a way to make it work.

Poetry- I have been writing since the age of 14 in this form. I specialize in darker poetry/Imagery but can write romance as well.

Blogging/Article Writing- I can write on any subject matter, if you have particulars such as a set tone you'd like, I can mold it into the piece and make it a very persuasive piece of work based on how you want it written

Extensive Research- I have done report after report while I was in college and learned I had a talented skill in research. I could find anything and am highly skilled in the art of SEO

SEO Knowledge- I could learn a bit more here, but am in the process of studying it more on my spare time and intend to learn it more with time.

Ghostwriting- I have done this for various scientific articles, but political articles as well. I have also done business and marketing analysis.

As stated I am a jack of all trades kind of individual. I can make any job happen and am very easy and fun to work with. I always make a point of being reachable and will respond to email with great efficiency. I meet deadlines that are set and accommodate all requests a client may have.
Penn State
Business Administration
Payment Terms
I have become a bit more familiar with this site and find the payment scheme to be rather straight forward. I am always open to negotiation on setting the price on a job, however my normal rate is $1.00 per 100 words. I have found this to be reasonable with various clients so far, but as I said I don't mind the art of negotiation and am flexible.
Sean Monaghan | Elance

Sean Monaghan