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Kitsune Media Productions

Freelance Universal media productions specialist
   United States
  |   West Lafayette, IN
  |  1:28 am Local Time

About the Company

Kitsune Media Productions specializes in Universal media development. Being highly trained and specialized within various areas of end product development. I am well educated, experienced, and have distinctively developed capabilities relating to particular areas and specific margins of professional quality production work. Many of my skills in these fields include but are not limited to Linux/ Unix Systems development and Administration, Mp3 Audio production & Editing, Computer animation and Film production, Marketing, Product design, Sales and distribution, Video Production and Editing, Video and Film Story Board Sequencing, Printed Material Production such as, Writing and Editing, Flier Design, Market Media Assessments, Comic Book Illustration, Graphic Design, and even Board Game Development and Video Game Design. You might say, that I am a Universal Media developing "Jack of all Trades", completely professional, always producing quality work.
Service Description
Kitsune Media Productions, focuses on providing the most comprehensive high quality end product with the most effective and highly efficient turn around time on all of our products and services. I am trained and or certified within such 3D Developmental programs as CAD, ACAD, 3D Studio Max, ARC, Maya, Studio 4D, DAZ 3D, Z brush, Milkshape, Valve Studio, Poser, True Space, AC3D, Bryce, Lightwave, Rhino CAD (Rhinoceros 3D), Soft image, Wings 3D, Yafaray, and Face Gen. However, part of what makes me so highly efficient, compared to most of my competitors, is my cutting edge use of High end Professional Linux / Unix based software technology. Unlike most of my competitors, by my ability to incorporate the use of Linux/ Unix systems, I am able to streamline my systems to the absolute minimum software requirement that is needed for the given project at hand, without the inclusions of the costly system intensive Antiviral and unstable programs that bog down many of my competitors computer systems due to the more then common inclusion of Windows and Mac based operating systems. This results in an efficient, reliable network of developmental systems, each interwoven into a complex intra-net able to compete against larger teams of developers who require or use bulkier more redundant operating systems such as "Windows" or "Mac".

Additionally, all of my systems use the most cutting edge advanced Linux/ Unix software packages such as "Blender", "GIMP", "Scribus", and "Ink scape", which allows me to build your end product within a hyper efficient media production environment, that in turn can be used to modify the end product into any media format that you, the Client, needs. My chosen systems and software allow for better speed, heightened efficiency, and overall effectiveness, unlike our common market competitors insistence upon having to focus on one specific software type v. another, on a per project situational basis, which in turn bog's down their developmental systems. These chosen Linux/ Unix Driven products also best our competition by removing the need for Multiple redundant excessive programs, which in turn slows down media production time, work groups, and can in turn stall or delay any end product delivery. In the end, you will find that our universal cross compatible High resolution software, is the best , most reliable, customizable, and most efficient within the industry, ensuring your best potential end product, within a more highly feasible turn around time of production and distribution.
California Department of Education
Auto Computer Aided Drafting and Design Release 14
Awarded: 1995
California Department of Education
Auto Computer Aided Drafting and Design Release 13
Awarded: 1994
Ivy Tech Community College
Current Student within the Paralegal Pre law
2009 -
Purdue University
Pre Law
2007 -
Diablo Valley College
Associates of Arts in Electronic Media
1992 - 1995
Emerging Threats Pro
Entry Level Linux/ Unix Systems Administrator
2010 - 2011
Contract position, based on Maintaining Linux/ Unix networks between 15 different Servers. Installing OS's and building network infrastructure, Setting up user accounts, and maintaining system infrastructure, Integrity, and user/ client side stability, on a contractual need to need basis.
Computer Reboot
Lead Desktop Support Technician
2008 - 2009
Letter of recommendation available upon request. Interacting with customers and aiding them in the sales of repair parts and components for their various computer systems, Accessing customer problems, general Customer relations, Computer repair, diagnostics and assessment. Report writing regarding system stability and steps taken to repair said system, hardware management and upkeep, Software security, and Network administration to test and implement stability of repaired systems.
Cross Roads Music
Technical Specialist
2006 - 2007
A contract based situation, employing Situational assessment of the companies web page and internal operations to facilitate a more efficient design that allowed for customers to make accurate purchases on products found within the facility, The warehouse, and products that had to be "drop shipped" from remote locations, while still maintaining a 72 hour turn around between product order received, and shipment of product to client, while facilitating
CVS Pharmacy
Clerk / Head of Product display management
2002 - 2004
Letter of recommendation available upon request. Customer service position within a sales environment, Product display, market adjustment, and product presentation through proper sales interface and product demonstration. Additional responsibilities included Shipping, Stock room organization, Product rotation, closing duties, and General maintenance.
Kranert; Purdue School of management
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Develo
2001 - 2001
Accessing internet Giving database, generating field reports, and appending system database, based on clientèle donations and corporate Gifts. Preparing “Thank You” Letters, Corporate Reports, School Marketing Reports, and Alumni Donation reports for the Dean and head Director of the Development department.
Blair Animal Clinic
Data Entry and Tech Support
2000 - 2001
Contract position, based on an as needed basis: Entering new and old clientèle information into the newly upgraded system database while testing the new system for any additional possible future errors regarding Clientèle history, Patient history, Product pricing, and Doctor based suggestions or specifications. Additionally, cross testing the user versatility with the new Database vs. the newly installed systems network.
Electronic Arts (E.A. Games)
Contract Beta Tester
2000 - 2000
Black Box Level Video Game Testing of Alpha, Beta, And Final Copy Titles, to search and locate A, B, C, & D class level bugs.  Multi user platforms, obscure, or creative testing methods, and extensive product test plans are used to ensure product title versatility and end product perfection.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Compensation for all work performed is generally based on the margin of complexity of the particular task at hand, v. the number of potential billable man hours, that the operation in question may or may not require. All payments are negotiable within the fixed rules set and established by With that being stated, if a contractor decree's a potential need in the reduction in the cost of compensation for services rendered, prior to services rendered, then upon further negotiation, in special circumstances said arrangements can be made so long as the material cost and production of developmental materials for the project in question does not exceed the time allowed, nor the margins of cost v. Time spent in preparation for end product development.
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