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Jarrod Brown

Social Media | Content Creation | SEO | Web Design
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Want to fully engage with your fans? Increase your revenue? Get ahead of your competition?

I specialize in social media marketing, media and engagement. Also the creation of websites, logos, videos and written content.

Get your presence fully branded with plenty of engaging details to achieve a significant growth in fans and customers.

Graphic Design - websites, logos, brochures, flyers.

Content Marketing - SEO effective blog posts, articles, press releases and product reviews.

Video Production - Corporate opener, product promotional and infographics.

Service Description
Product Catalog

We can show off your goods with a feature position of any of your products or services. Put a list of products, or other items right in your tab by adding a title, description, URL, and photo. Perfect for adding a product showcase to your Facebook page, or you can have an unlimited catalog of what you have to offer. Allowing fans to share this feature ensures your products are spread wide, increases sales, and improves the social presence of your brand.


In addition to liking your fan page, fans may also like individual images, video or another item on your page. By allowing your fans to like single objects and letting all the friends know, this is a great way to increase the number of fans and fan engagement as most Facebook pages lack this feature.


We can integrate your Twitter stream directly into your Facebook page so that your fans, followers and friends will never miss a tweet. Your Twitter tab is will have a branded header, so your branding impressions remain consistent across platforms.

Custom Tab Icons

We are able customize your tab's icon and label to match your brand. We can create custom tabs to have any label and icon you like. So your page is complete immersed to brand when your page's content is viewed and shared. If you want your brand to stand out from the competition, this is a feature you can't do without!


We can show your audience a map on your page, so that fans can easily find you or your brand. Let your fans know where you're located!


We can also integrate your official blog or any other desired news source directly into your Facebook page, so that fans will not miss any piece of news and updates from you. The feed is displayed with links back to the source site for additional reading.

Photo Gallery

A photo gallery provides your fans with richer visual enjoyment by sharing photos on it. Its gallery-style makes your page more polished and viewing worthy. In a showcase using a stunning and elegant format, and user-friendly interface. We can allow fans to view a large number of photos with multiple galleries on a single tab using sub-tabs.


A selection of videos enriches your page by offering audio and visual enjoyment to you fans. Add and organize your video content directly on your Facebook page with branded displays to increase views and exposure. We can showcase your videos or configure a playlist from YouTube or Vimeo that updates automatically. This is a great way to tell your company's story and promote your products and services.


Engage your audience and get enhanced feedback and comments from your fans with interesting polls that encourage fan response and content sharing with Facebook friends. You can find out what's popular, interesting and on the mind of fans by posing the right questions and letting fans pick their answers.

General Sweepstakes

A sweepstakes can be a basic ┬┐fan to reveal┬┐ that encourages non-fans to like your brand, and then gives them the opportunity to enter your contest. It can also be 'vote to enter' to have fans vote for their favorite (fill-in-the-blank) in order to enter a sweepstakes promotion.


Whether it is pictures of fans in your latest fashion, or snapping shots of their favorite nature scenes, a photo promotion is a great way to boost engagement with your brand. With text based promotions fans can upload answers to a popular question, submit reviews, or enter stories about your brand. Then have your fans vote on the best entry. We will work with you to offer the most appropriate prize.

Voting Contests

With video or photo uploads and voting, many fans will enjoy the engagement our contests provide. With a customized form you can gain extra user data to know more about your customer base.

Virtual Gifts

Virtual Gift enables fans to freely send virtual gifts to friends. Sending gifts among fans and their friends helps promote your Pages and products to other audiences. At the push of a button fans can share virtual gifts with friends, family, colleagues, and just about anyone in their Facebook stream.


Promote an event by displaying a countdown timer in your Facebook page. Pick the time and date, choose what intervals to show, and have your fans in suspense for new products launches, special deals etc.

Fans Only

Choose who gets to view your content - certain content can be made visible to only fans, non-fans, or both! This feature encourages new viewers to "Like" your Page before they can interact with your brand. This can increase the speed of your fan count increase, giving you a larger audience to engage with to become future customers.


We can build the sharing capability into nearly every object on your Facebook page. Adding this feature will allow your fans to share your page with their friends and increase the number of likes your page has.


Engage your fans on your fan page by letting them to talk to you are among themselves. This gives you more credibility and increases the time fans spend on your page because fans keep coming back checking for the latest comments. We can add the comment feature on all your Facebook tabs, so instead of having general conversations on your wall, it can be specific to certain topics related to individual tabs.


Let visitors and fans with a simply click of a button invite their friends to your tab with the 'Invite a Friend' feature that displays in a popup the ability to invite as many friends as they wish.

Payment Terms
I prefer long term contracts with weekly payments. Though I am also open to fixed price projects.
Jarrod Brown | Elance

Jarrod Brown