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SoftProdigy - We know software!

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About the Company

SoftProdigy is an award winning design and development organization with expertise in outsourced product development and custom software development services that use latest Open Source and Microsoft Technologies, iOS and Andorid to redefine the user experience for the web, mobile and multi-touch environments.

The services and solutions provided by SoftProdigy are not only robust, scale-able and cost-effective, but are also conceived, developed and delivered as a perfect technological fit for the client's business requirements. We are thoroughly professional in addressing and solving the client's requirements, and pride ourselves in being a catalyst in their success.

With well-defined processes, a proven quality management system, on-time deliveries and a top-notch human capital at its disposal, SoftProdigy continues to add superior value to its customers.
Service Description

Strong mobile application development team specialising in iOS and Adroid apps across various verticals such as Banking, Medical, Education, Games, eCommerce, Social Media and Statistics, etc.

We offer-

: Maintenance of App
: App Uploads and Upgrades
: Integration of Analytics viz. Google, Flury, etc.
: Code Review
: Web to Mobile


Effective website development team with all aspects of website creation and integration of the most complex functionalities using:

Custom Architecture-
Joomla, WordPress, CakePHP, Magento, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Javascript, Node.JS, MongoDB, Javascript, etc

Microsoft Engineering Division-
Asp.Net, API development, API intergrations, HTML 5, CSS 3.0, Database development & manitenance, SQL Server


High-end testing services are provided based on highest focus on the quality.

: Mobile app testing
: Website Testing
: Functional testing
: Compatibility testing
: Security testing
: Performance testing
: Localization testing


Customized approach towards benefitting your website and mobile app in the most search engine friendly way.

Complete SEM, On Page & Off Page SEO, Google AdWords, Analytics, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Brand Marketing
GOLD Certified Partner
Awarded: 2011
Software Technology Park (STP), India
Awarded: 2007
QS Quality Service
ISO 9001-2000
Awarded: 2007
Associate Member
Awarded: 2009
National Association of Software & Service Companies
Awarded: 2007
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Matthew Pollock
Ringblender, Owner
Project Overview: Ringblender is a ringtone remixing application which enables users to blend beats and loops to make their unique multi-track ringtone, which could then be downloaded to their phones. SoftProdigy has enabled the linking of a users Ringblender profile with their Facebook account. Client Comments: To the entire team at Soft Prodigy: We remain impressed by your professional quality of work, your patience through this long development process, and your uncompromising dedication to bringing us a world class website. We understand the frustrations that can come from enduring a long-term project of such massive scale, and whole heartedly thank you for your perseverance and patience as the needs of the project grow and develop. We share in the excitement as the site begins to take form, and take pride in knowing that Soft Prodigy is a partner in this endeavor. We look forward to working together to overcome any obstacles that may lie ahead in order to bring this project to life.
Wilma Mae Basta
Enrobia Prive, Founder & CEO
Project Overview: Enrobia Prive is an exclusive Software-as-a-Service (Saas) site which will provide its clients with the ability to manage their wardrobes in a web-based environment. Client Comments: Very professional company who take pride in their work. It has been a pleasure working with them. They have put a lot of effort and hard work into making my site fantastic. I have felt that throughout the whole process they kept my business objectives in mind when suggesting or changing various functionalities, they were communicative and their reporting and client handling was excellent. I will continue to work with Soft Prodigy in the future. I feel I can trust them and that they are not out to scam or increase costs sneakily throughout the project. Integrity is important for them.
SoftProdigy - We know software! | Elance

SoftProdigy - We know software!