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About the Company

Softobiz is a team of software developers from the USA and India. Our countries are known to have the best programmers in the world and apart from that we only employ the best of the best. Among our staff are Harvard, MIT and IIT professionals. After you decide to become our client, rest assured that we will deliver the project on time and in budget utilizing the most efficient solutions, technology and CMMI level 3 standards. Our development and design services enable your business to reach more of your potential customer base, enhance your ability to communicate interactively with your audience, entice and capture the first impression, and offer usable features that help simplify the process.

There is one thing which we will never tell you out loud, because we think it just goes without saying - your satisfaction is guaranteed. We greatly respect our clients businesses and we always do our best to achieve success.
Service Description
Softobiz has become one of the recognized leaders for on-time delivery of cost-effective and reliable application solutions to our clients. Our professionals use the latest quality assured techniques to deliver innovative solutions on time and within budgets which makes any client's dream a successful reality. We always deliver technology solutions that help our clients to increase the effectiveness of their IT initiatives. Softobiz has been providing the following services to their clients:

Softobiz | Consultancy services
Softobiz takes honor in imparting professional IT Services with consulting led approach. Our skilled consultants have been executing software solutions with success and hence our proficient’s provides you with the art and Craft you need for the perfect deployment.

Softobiz | Application and Software Development
Softobiz Technologies has been providing services in the field of custom software development since 2007. We have various departments for Software Development, Website Designing, and Website Development. Our expertise is backed by strong focus on quality processes which ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the developed product.

Softobiz | Enterprise Solutions
An Enterprise solution lets you to plan for the future, keep pace with the present demands, and manage resource, processes, and information with the technology.
In today's competitive business environments, enterprise solutions are serving companies to access and administer real-time information across the various departments within the organization even located at remote places.

Softobiz | Open Source Consulting
Softobiz provides Open Source software customization and integration services. We mainly focus on freeware/open source components integration, content management systems customization, portals, web development solutions, design integration, Open Source projects management and modification, modules development, etc. Softobiz performs Open Source software integration with Linux, Windows, Oracle, DB2, Web Sperem Bea and GNU.
Our work area covers security improvement and source optimization for open source components.

Softobiz | Web 2.o and SOA
Softobiz utilizes SOA and Web 2.0 to improve efficiency and collaboration. Web 2.0 extends the reach of SOA by making it simple for both business users and less advanced programmers to create their own rich applications and to access services through the web.

Softobiz | I-Phone Application development
Softobiz is one of the right sources for best iphone application development as in today’s world they are one of the rapidly developing segments of the global market.

Softobiz | Windows Mobile Application Development
Softobiz provides mobile Application development services with advanced technologies to create mobile software solutions. We have experience in Windows mobile application development using C#, J2ME and VB.NET programming languages.

Softobiz | SEO and Internet Marketing
Softobiz’s SEO team is experienced with writing content with rich keywords, directory submissions; Softobiz excels in proposing SEO solutions to their clients. Softobiz Technologies develop a plan according to the clients need and deliver them quality in the proposed time and budget.

Softobiz | Usability Analysis
Softobiz provides usability service for analyzing your web site and helps you provide industry accepted user interface design and experience.

Softobiz | Remote Infrastructure Management
Softobiz Technologies believes in delivering services that creates competitive advantage and business value for its customers. We provide the following services Managing the Infrastructure Lifecycle, ITIL process alignment and Secured Delivery Channels.

Softobiz | Web Designing & Flash Development
We have been specialized in delivering innovative and high quality custom website design to our clients. Softobiz Technologies provide various services to its clients in the field of flash like flash animation, interactive games, Interactive flash presentations, and flash applications development.

Softobiz | Integration Services
Softobiz integrated analytical services gives our client’s mission-severe business intelligence required to enhance business productivity, maximize data assets for our clients, and make informed decisions quickly. Our organization application integration services are designed in such a way that it will deliver calculable results.

Softobiz | Managed Services
Softobiz provides a solution to manage our virtual infrastructure. Our managed services has been retained or accepted by many technology companies as well as by large business enterprises which helps in making their business to grow.

Softobiz | Quality Assurance Services
Softobiz aims at providing quality assurance services at affordable price. Our quality service includes developing of new and useful applications and optimizing existing applications, Web-enabling existing applications. Our expertise is backed by strong focus on quality processes which ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the developed product.

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Microsoft silver competency in web development
Awarded: 2012
Data Security Council of India
Awarded: 2012
Awarded: 2011
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Softobiz follows one the following engagement models depending upon the client needs and requirements:
Fixed Time/ Fixed Cost Model- This model is used when the project requirements are unambiguous and the client wants to bound time and cost.
Hourly Rate Assignment Model- Softobiz offers its clients flexibility to vary the project requirements during the course of the project on the basis of market trends. The client pays a set hourly fee which is decided at the time of agreement.
Retained Team Model- This model is best suited if the client wishes a total control over resources occupied into the development process. The development process becomes unambiguous and handy and ensures higher resources competence.
Consultancy Model- Softobiz offers consultancy services, where our consultants utilize their technical & domain knowledge to create scalable models. The customer is open to opt us or a third party as a development vendor to attain his value, time and price objectives
We only work with Elance Escrow or Elance billing system. Our payment terms are as follows:
Upfront= 30%
1st mutually decided milestone= 30%
2nd mutually decided milestone=20%
Final delivery= 20%
Softobiz and (Client) will come into an agreement to fulfill the scope and whenever there is change in scope mutually will agree and the same in the agreement as and when it arises.
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