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Xuanzhang Zhao

Expert Java, GWT coder and designer
  |   Guangzhou, Guangdong
  |  10:53 am Local Time


I'm a strong programmer and good service provider. Most clients are satisfied with my service.

I'm quite good at Java programming and building web applications with Spring, JPA, various MVC frameworks, HTML & JQuery and GWT. Over 8 years experience and have good touch with new techs and best practices. Your ultimate problem solver.

I have adequate experience as main programmer, architect and team lead. I start my career as a developer in a company that provided Online Charging System, Business & Operation Support System, CRM to China Mobile, and soon became one of the main programmers of its ALM system. I learnt many good practices of software engineering such as CMMI (while in big team) and Agile (while in small team). Later I work as architect and then team lead in a small internet company. I can also train average programmers into much better ones.
Service Description
----build web applications
I can build web applications with the following capabilities
1. good performance
Through years of professional experience I have gained the skills and knowledge to build fast backends and do relevant performance tuning. I can also make it easily to scale out depending on the project nature.
I have very good understanding of the HTTP protocol, HTML, Javascript and CSS, I can build frontends that can get Grade A or B in YSlow.

2. easy to go mobile and to be integrated
I can make the web application provides RESTful service, so applications running on mobile device can easily use what the web applications have to offer. The same goes for desktop applications and other web sites.

3. integrate 3rd web service API
I can integrate various 3rd web service API into the web application, such as social networking, payment gateway, map, etc..

4. strong quality control measures
Upon request I can write unit tests for server side, and make them all automated. I can also provide performance test cases and reports. This will benefit future maintenance and upgrade much.

5. with cutting-edge technology
I'm familiar with NOSQL database, advanced framework and tools such as distributed file system, BI, full text search, hot data replication, etc.. for serious applications.

6. to the cloud
I can make applications that run on Google App Engine, Heroku or any virtual private servers such as Rackspace cloud server.

----build applications that require talented programmer
I'm excellent at solving difficult problems. If you want to make an application but many programmers just scratched their head at the mere thoughts, I may be your good choice.

----maintain and modify existing applications
I can provide service to add new features, fix bugs, migrate codes, tune performace for existing applications, be them written by me or not.

With years of professional experience and extensive knowledge, I can provide consultance for how to do things properly, what technology to choose, what existing tools to utilize to achieve your project goal.

----work with the unknown
This is something I'm really proud of and I tag it as one of my BEST qualities. A proven real fast learner. I have faced technologies I didn't know in my work countless times, and I always came up with satisfactory results.
University of Science and Technology of China
Bachelor of Science
2001 - 2005
Payment Terms
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Xuanzhang Zhao | Elance

Xuanzhang Zhao