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About the Company

It's simple: You want results.

More traffic. More leads.
More sales. More _____.

Whatever it is you want, it's my job to help make sure you get it.

That's because I'm a copywriter. That is *all* I do: Give you the words you need to get real results, really fast.

If I give you anything less, I haven't done my job.

Soulsplash Writers is Mark Leary. From start to finish, you will work exclusively with me.

I specialize in high conversion long-form sales letters, benefit-rich landing and squeeze pages, irresistible autoresponder (email) marketing series, and direct mail in a number of key niches, including health supplements and nutraceuticals, fitness & health, Internet Marketing, digital and physical products, personal and professional development, finance, and eBooks.

See how I can help with your next sales, marketing and copywriting project by taking a look at my other services below.
Service Description
My promise has always been the same: Deliver your world in words. Not with some pre-packaged template, not with tired cliches or long-since spent gimmicks, but with the exact solution that fits your needs.

You, your products, and your services are unique and your copy should let the world know this. I work great under pressure and no matter the deadline and I always try to add in that little "something more" to guarantee your success with every project. It's my promise to you.

For me, it's really this simple: I take my passion for wordsmithing, combine it with my obsessive desire for excellence, and relentlessly work until I satisfy you. To be honest, if I didn't have this drive, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. But, wouldn't you know it, it's my calling to help you succeed, one little word at a time.

I look forward to sharing some words with you soon.

Intimately involved behind the scenes of online and print media for years, I've helped countless clients find their corporate voice. With extensive sales and marketing experience, I am excited about helping you propel your business, product, or services to new heights with compelling and persuasive copy and results-oriented words that soar.

-Autoresponders / Email Series
- ClickBank copy
-Dan Kennedy-style
-Direct Response Copywriting
-Landing pages
-Marketing Articles
-Opt-in pages
-Overture and Google Ad Content
-Press Releases
-Sales Letters
-SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
-Squeeze Pages
- Video scripts (explainer, VSL, long-form)
-Web Sales Content and Letters

Due to continued high demand, I am still offering full-service sales letter critiques on a first-come, first-served basis.

Discover how my two-hour critique can totally transform your poorly pulling clunky copy into a fine-tuned, results-oriented marketing masterpiece.

Don't toss it out, save that sales letter and watch it work wonders for you!
Arizona State University
Master of Arts, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
1995 - 1997
California State University, Long Beach
Bachelor of Arts, Humanities
1987 - 1991
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
For new clients, I require a fully-funded escrow account with 50% to begin project and the remaining balance due upon final acceptance by client. I am always willing to discuss your unique needs.
Soulsplash Writer | High-Impact Sales Letters, Landing Pages, Video Scripts, Email Marketing & More | Elance

Soulsplash Writer | High-Impact Sales Letters, Landing Pages, Video