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About the Company

Sparkle Appz provides safe outsourcing services, secure processes, and top quality results for your business.

# Recognition and experience in offshore software development since 2008.
# Stress-free same-day communication with the top experts in the industry.
# Intellectual Property Rights protection is guaranteed and secured at all levels.
# Face to Face meetings at our offices and locations all over the globe
Service Description
At the present our company is in famous on Elance, enabling hundreds of our customers run business online or employing latest technologies.

We believe that everyone deserves high quality services. For any type of customer we guarantee whatever they need:

- For startups: speed, flexibility and ideas.
- For intermediaries and marketing agencies: transparency, integration and reliability.
- For established businesses outsourcing their IT: business values, risk sharing and integration into their processes.

The backbone of our methodology is that we are not tied up strictly to any particular technology, but within the alliance we have a number of them to choose from. Prior to the development phase we compare different up-to-date technologies and possible pitfalls, and choose the most suitable and cost effective solution. We offer a combination of customized consulting services and packaged offerings to help our clients leverage their investments in information systems and business processes. We believe that "Safety lies in the details".

Our location in the Rajasthan of India, the brain center, made it possible to take aboard the highest-level specialists, team up with well educated (MS in average) staff, and cooperate with world known science names.

With a large pool of expert developers and skillful teams available in-house and through our partner network we are flexible in team building in accordance to any current and expected project needs. At the same time we have a scalable organization ready to accommodate almost infinite amount of IT work. The 4 year experience of close business relationships with 3Com Corporation has proved the advisability of that alliance-like approach.

It does not make sense to describe all the technologies we work with: from old assembler to modern web services and .NET. Just to name some:
- Languages: PHP, ASP.NET, C/C++, Visual Basic, ActionScript, HTML/CSS
- Object-oriented: C#, VB.NET, Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, Smalltalk, Curl
- Databases: MySQL, MS SQL,
- Technologies: .NET, J2EE,

Sparkle Apps
Brain Bench
Android 4.0 Development
Awarded: 2013
Apple Inc.
iPhone App Development
Awarded: 2012
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Payment Terms
Just like we're flexible in the technology environments it is no problem for us to arrange the most convenient payment schedule.
When awarded than payment of Upfront
and after it 30% of first milestone
and 40% after half work
And after final deliverable than final payment.

It should be noted here, that in order to keep smooth and painless project flow we, and we require our clients, to adhere to the project milestones and acceptance policy. That is as soon as a milestone achieved and acceptad, every new request concerning the previous stage shall be considered as an addition to the project scope.
Sparkle Appz - iOS 8, iPhone 6 And Android App Development | Elance

Sparkle Appz - iOS 8, iPhone 6 And Android App Development