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Speedread - Dr. Jay Polmar

38+ years experience: Book production and more
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Expert in Books: BOOK COVERS--eBOOK COVERS, book layout, print/digital, writing and translating. Epubs, Mobis, Smashwords, Createspace, LSI, ingramspark and more. Graphic design & production, audio/video, a complete writing and translations dept. 1. writing, editing and proofreading services and 2. translation services English-Spanish 3. Graphic design, cover graphic design, web design, audio, video, wordpress, custom programming, and a writing specialty in Psychological Writing, NLP and Hypnosis (hypnotherapy, we have a retired board certified hypnotherapist, who writes books and hypnosis scripts). Our team has written books in the field of speed reading and accelerated learning, motivation, self-improvement, health care issues, business marketing, internet marketing, education, economy. We are elance experts in Kindle .mobi, and epub for Barnes and Noble Nook, Android, Apple, ibooks, itunes, and other tablets and smartphone
Service Description
Artists for book cover design, cd/dvd covers, interior layout, for books, reports, and so much more. Our staff is Adobe trained. Each artist has a minimum of 15 years experience. Our department head, Lili - has 16 years design and management experience. We employ English, French and Spanish native creative writers, technical writers, graphic design artists, web designers, wordpress designers and translation specialists Our team has educational and employment experience in advertising copywriting, magazine and newsletter design, book preparation for printing and online pdf books, corporate logo graphics, web development, web hosting, translation, editing, writing text books, questionnaire's, tests, and technical material. Staff is knowledgeable in education, printing industry, and NLP, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy. We also maintain a training staff for speed reading courses, and learning skills for corporate clients. A free online corporate speed reading course will be provided to all our clients.

Speedread/ipublicidades is a professional service that provides: 1. creative writing, editing and proofreading services and 2. translation services English French Spanish. 3. Graphic design and book/page layouts, cover graphic design. We've written, ghostwritten and produced books in the educational, motivational, self-improvement, success, and internet marketing. "We have two published authors, both with advanced degrees, and an ebook author and editor. A few of our titles are:
1. Speed Reading in Only One Hour, English, French, German, Dutch, and University published in Chinese with English for ESL
2. Speed Reading for Children, English, Spanish and University published in Chinese with English for ESL
3. Be Dynamic with Speed Reading, English, Spanish and University published in Chinese.This course has meditation, relaxation, and stress management.
4. Business Speed Reading Success, English. This course has meditation, relaxation, and stress management
5. Thinkright - the power of positive thought and brain/mind methods. Based on As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, but longer and more powerful.
6. The Course on Money - the power of planning your future and using goal planning, mental abilities, visualization, and more.
7. Gringo's Guide to Speaking Spanish. Bilingual language education for tourists and ex-pats.
8. The Legends Reading Program, bilingual Spanish/English for pre-school, primary, secondary and high-school levels.
9. Money, Power, and Sex - live seminar transcribed. Hysterically funny.
10. Millionaire's Ten Commandments - live seminar transcribed.
11. Q & A's about Intuition
12. Let Your Subconscious Make You Rich
13. Managing Back Pain - ghostwritten by us
14. Newest Study Skills - g/w by us.
15. 28 Minutes to Faster Reading - English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch.
16. Beat The Bookstore, English - saving big $$ on college textbooks,
17. How To Kiss, g/w by us
18. Hard As A Rock, elimination of impotence
19. 2 books on Resumes
20. About Self-Talk, eliminate the negative inner voice, g/w by us
21. Affiliate Marketing Handbook, g/w by us
22. Baby Steps to Ebook Success
23. Ingles para Ninos y otros. First 4 grades of English for Spanish Speaking.
24. How To Accomplish More In Less Time.
25. Wealth Bible
26. 40 days to success
and over 40 others ................
. We created and designed tests, proposals, and many other projects for corporations, educators, and individuals. Our projects include children's stories, high school, college, and business material, and technical data. We provide a maximum of graphic mockups (3) and/or proofs on all graphic designs at bid price. Add'l designs at our hourly design rate.Online since 1997. Producing documents since 1977. All staff members are college or University graduates with years of experience in their field of expertise. Are staff are University trained and experts in their fields.

We have specialty in writing Hypnosis scripts, and we do, Well-being, and Metaphysical/Spiritual, and wellness subjects. We have a writing special for hypnosis scripts for professional and marketers, scripts based on the 51 years of research in the field by our staff retired certified hypnotherapist. These scripts are on any subject desired.

We are an international team based in the USA. Our Project Manager Dr Jay Polmar (54 years experience in Printing/Publishing). We furnish up to 3 sets of proofs on every job under $100. Add'l proofs may be had when requested by clients. We offer a free service to help client determine their needs and how many revisions they require. On jobs over $1,000 we allow up to 7 sets of proofs. And, you can request more. We try to restrict the number of proofs to save production time and be more efficient. Please read each proof provided 3x minimum to maximize your efficiency and ours - in the end - it saves you money.
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project manager - art and translation dept.
2003 - Present
Preview all bids, verify estimates, direct scheduling, check ambiguities, customer support, billing, collections. 55 years total job experience.
Payment Terms
We are happy to accept payment via elance payment system, and via their integrated paypal elance system., We expect 50% deposit on placement of order, (contract time) 25% first completion of the first proofing, 25% on final completion. Or payment through the elance escrow system. Our terms are simple. We use the escrow system when requested, and payment must be released within 48 hours of final deliveries. For extended terms, please request additional fees. Thanks.
Speedread - Dr. Jay Polmar | Elance

Speedread - Dr. Jay Polmar