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About the Company

SPG Infotech is one of the top providers by Elance in the Admin Support category .

We started in the year 2000 with a single view to provide complete IT solution and service at the most affordable price. It is our great pleasure to announce that we have fulfilled our aim and today our customers trust us for our timely delivery and high quality work and at a very competitive and affordable rate.

Our team members have strong backgrounds and experience in the field in all aspects of administrative job and design skill. We strive not only to achieve what you have visualized but also improve that vision by incorporating into your projects IT solutions that are must in today's world. We will be there with you until our work match your idea and the work is only over when you are completely satisfied with it.

We are professionals but not at the cost of losing our HUMAN TOUCH. Your project is not just a work for us but a challenge to see how we can best use our abil
Service Description
Based in India, our team consists of more than 60 employees with various expertises in different platforms. Our team of developers, designers and programmers are capable of handling projects of every kind and size. Our aim is to provide you with a solution that is unsurpassable in quality without burning a hole in your budget.

Website Development

We design and code all sort of website, be it a one page website with integration with clickbank / paypal or Flash website. We also do customization of template of Template Monster.

Website design and maintenance

Building a good looking yet highly functional website is the first step to your online success. We will design such a website for you keeping in mind your requirements and vision. But building a website is not enough; you have to regularly update the content as well as the background to make it more relevant to search engines as well as visitors. Leave that to us so that you can devote your time to the main aspect of running and expanding your business.

Input Data in Database

As your website will gather visitors and information, you will need a constant update of that data into your database. Instead of hiring a person to do it, relegate that job to us and see how smoothly things run in this front as well with less cost and time.


Flash website designs are gaining more and more popularity as it can make your website more communicative and interactive. Flash based website will make it more navigable and if you have more than one website, you can create a signature that will proclaim that all these sites are interconnected. Our team members are well versed in flash to create the most visually appealing website for you.


To make your mark in the internet world, you need to have a dynamic presence that will make you different from others. Our team in SPG Infotech will help you in building just that; just tell us what is your dream and vision and we will bring that alive to share it with the world. We mange Autoresponder and newsletter through aweber, Mail chimp, Constantcontact, icontact etc.
We have expertise in all Adobe and Macromedia Suite. Here is a short detail of what we do in this department:

Graphic Design

Graphics add great visual effect to your website. It makes your website look stunning and appealing. Our team of highly trained graphic designers will create appropriate graphics for your website with your consultation and make your website look just the way you want it to be.

Logo design

Your logo is your identity in the business world. It should speak about your company as well as your business value. We will help you design one that truly reflects this spirit.


Along with your online presence, you also need hard copies to distribute among interested clients and customers. We will design brochures for you that will show how your company is the best in your field.

Banner Ad

Placing a colorful and eye-catching banner will mean generating more visitors for your website. Our team of creative and high skilled designers will create just such a banner for you.

Stationary Design

Impressing your clients and valued customers is not limited to just creating a stunning website; all aspects of your business must reflect your professionalism. Stationeries like visiting card or your letterhead is also important. Our creative team will create designs for your stationary that will reflect the core value of your business.

Email and newsletters

Emails and newsletters are the first point of contact between you and your potential customers. So it is very important that it is eye catching and appealing but not too much sales oriented as that may turn away interested clients/customers. Our creative team of designer and content writers will make sure that both the content and design of your email and newsletter reflect the plus points of your business without bombarding your intended audience/reader.

Photo touch up

When you are selling items in your website, it is very important that they look very alluring to the visitors of your site. The picture you have may not do the trick but a little touch up through photo editing software may make the picture speak for itself.


When it comes to successful website, content is the king! So to make your online presence communicate your vision clearly and concisely, you need to have the write words written with careful consideration and skill. The writing should avoid bombarding your visitors with sales pitch but focus on providing them information that they can use. Here are some of the services we provide in this department:

Proofreading and editing

If your website has even a miniscule typo error or other such mistakes, it will question your credibility. That is why let us proof read your contents and make sure only perfect and error-free content go into making of your online presence. We will also edit your write-ups or rewrite them according to your instruction so that your content reflects your professionalism and perfection.

Article writing and website content

To make yourself known in the online world, you need to show your expertise in your field. We will help you by providing original articles that are rich in SEO and are full of relevant information for your targeted audiences.

Sales and marketing materials

When it comes to sales letter and marketing material, our team of writers will weave a magic on your targeted customers who will see the benefits of buying from you/or your products. They will not be in-your-face kind of sales pitch but subtle ones that will make your customers think for themselves and so become a loyal customer for your service/product.


There are many background works that go into the maintenance of your website. If you start doing them yourself, you will not only waste valuable time which you can use for expanding your client base and business. Or else you have to employ some one full time with all employee benefits to do it. But if you allow us to do these administrative works for you, you will not only be free from all kinds of tension and worries regarding your website, but will do with at almost half or even lower to what you have to pay for a full time employee.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant will do everything that your actual assistant can do but at half of what you have to pay to one! Moreover, since he or she will be working from his/her home, you will not have to pay for a setup! Here are some of the work a VA can do for you:


There are so many kinds of research you have to do for finding about your market position as well as that of your competitors. Searching the net is easy if you know how or you can get lost in the information jungle. Our dedicated VA will make sure you get all the pertinent information from the net as needed.

Data entry

There are so many kinds of data that have to be regularly entered in your database. Just assign our VA to do that job for you and it will be done without error and fast.

Presentation in PowerPoint

If you want to present your view to new clients or investors, PowerPoint is most often the chosen medium. Don't fret if you are not proficient in it; just tell our team of VA what you want in your presentation and see them bring out your ideas and proposal in catching and informative PowerPoint slide show.

Email support

Every day you have to answer mails that are important but which can be done without your personal touch. Employ our VA to do that for you and see how you are keeping track of every little thing connected to your business.
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Our TAT in certain cases is 24 hours as our office remains opens 24/7.

Payment & other business terms depends upon the module and scope of work.
Leyla Ali
Leyla Ali, CEO
Our jov was to provide remote assistance in html / customer service
Jeff Marks
Five Star Fido, CEO
Assisting in SEO, product description, product categorization etc for his upcoming e-commerce site
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Muhacus Marketing, CEO
We are extending remote services for his PPC campaign and website development.
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April Coggins, CEO
Assisitance provided on her website