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An India based offshore data service company specializing in online & offline data entry, data conversion, image entry, book entry, form based entry, OCR scanning, excel data formatting, scanned image conversion to Word/XL/PPT/PDF Forms etc?

* Web Research
* Article, Bookmarking Submission
* Data Entry & Mining
* Word Processing
* Presentation Formatting
* Document Conversion (PDF - Text, Scanned Images - Text)

We employ one of the most efficient people for web research who can provide you with exceptional results for your research tasks. We are so confident of our research analysts that we can help you find almost anything that is available on the internet.

Tekno Solutions can provide you with your own VA who can work with your daily tasks & help you better manage you routine & thus making your life much more simple & less complicated.
Service Description
Services Provided by Us:

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant will do everything that your actual assistant can do but at half of what you have to pay to one! Moreover, since he or she will be working from his/her home, you will not have to pay for a setup! Here are some of the work a VA can do for you:


There are so many kinds of research you have to do for finding about your market position as well as that of your competitors. Searching the net is easy if you know how or you can get lost in the information jungle. Our dedicated VA will make sure you get all the pertinent information from the net as needed.

Data Entry
Even as data collection and accumulation becomes essential for any organization, basic data entry continues to be a redundant and expensive operation. STL assists in data digitization and offshore data entry, eliminating redundancy and cost issues.

Data Cleaning
* Removal of duplicate records to reduce redundancy.
* Corrections of spelling error.
* Conversion of data into appropriate cases.
* Correcting grammatical error.
* Normalization of data.
* Incorporation of validation rules.
* Consolidation of attribute values.

Data Conversion
* Conversion of data across various databases on different platforms.
* Data Conversion via Input / Output for various media.
* Data Conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets, and many other standard and custom-made software packages as per requirement.
* Conversion from Page maker to PDF format.
* Conversion from MS-Word to HTML format.
* Conversion from Plain Text to Word, HTML and PDF.
* Conversion from Raw Data into required MS Office formats.
* Conversion from PDF data into to Word, HTML, XML formats.
* E-Book Conversion etc.

Forms Processing
* Insurance claim form .
* Medical Form / Medical billing .
* Online Form Processing .
* Payroll Processing etc.

Paper documents are scanned to produce digitized data images. The digitized data and index information are stored in the data volumes that are designed to be modular and readily portable into live systems without the interruption or re-indexing of existing work.

Often abbreviated OCR, optical character recognition refers to reading text from paper and translating the images into a form that the computer can manipulate.

Indexing Services
Name indexing, Subject Indexing, Name and Subject Indexing, Indexing based on Customer Specification.

Document Conversion

Spreadsheet documents, word processing files and tables are converted into formats acceptable to standard software application. We create outputs in a variety of formats including ASCII delimited files or tag files. The organization has an extensive experience converting to MS Word, WordStar, dBASE, MSAccess, Excel, Lotus, ASCII, etc. A number of digitized data cleanup options are also offered as part of the document conversion process.
Payment Terms
For Small Projects : 100% after successful completion of the work
For Large,High volume Projects : 20% along with the issue of the Work Order 80% on completion of the Project

For Repetitive Projects : Payment on a Monthly basis for the work completed previous month.

Turnaround Time : As demanded by Client

Other Business Terms: 1. Courier and Shipping charges to be borne by customer wherever applicable.
2. Confidentiality of information will be maintained strictly at our end and we shall not be held liable for any leakage of the same during transit or otherwise.
Srinivasan Harichandran | Elance

Srinivasan Harichandran