Full-stack web development
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About the Company

StableFlow provides only the best practices in Web and Mobile application development since 2009.

We plan, architect, develop and integrate the full stack: back-end, database, web, mobile.

Our services:

- Website / web application / mobile application development
- Architecture & technology consulting
- Outstaffing / skills augmentation
Service Description
We offer Website / Web Application / Mobile Application Development services which include:

- Requirements analisys
- Projects estimation
- Projects management
- Architecture development
- SCRUM / Kanban development methodologies
- Daily progress reports
- Regular demo videos
- Quality Assurance
- Ongoing support for modifications and improvements after project launch.

We also offer Outstaffing / Skills Augmentation services - If your existing team has a shortfall in knowledge or resources, StableFlow can augment the existing members to help meet your delivery target. Experts with specific skills can be involved on as-needed basis for particular tasks or dedicated for full-time work as a member of your team. We know how to integrate quickly and efficiently with your existing team structure and processes.

StableFlow has a dynamic team of 20+ developers with the solid experience in a major Web and Mobile development stack:

- Apache
- MySQL, noSQL, MongoDB
- HTML 5, CSS 3
- Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation
- Angular.js, Node.js, Backbone.js
- Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI
- Git, SVN
- Kohana, Wordpress, Yii, Zend, Laravel
- PHP Unit
- ActionScript 3.0
- Ubuntu Server, Amazon AMI, AWS
- APIs: Google Analytics, Google Maps, GoMobi, Authorize.Net, Freshdesk, Microbilt, Braintree, Mailchimp, Mandrill, Facebook, Twitter, etc
- Objective-c, Java
Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics
Electronic Devices
1997 - 2002
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
For Project Outsourcing (Website / Web Application / Mobile Application Development) - flat hourly rate $18/h. Project team may include: Project Manager, Developers (may include: Architect, Backend, Frontend, Mobile developers), Quality Assurance (QA), System Administrator

In our development process we include:

- Technical Project Manager with excellent spoken English for free (if you occupy several developers for full time)
- Linux/Cloud/DB administrator (up to 16 hours per week for free)
- QA person to check all functionality (up to 16 hours per week for free)

How are business requirements transferred to the developers: StableFlow can dedicate technical Project Manager (PM) with fluent English for project(s) coordination or client can communicate with the developers directly.

For Outstaffing / Skills Augmentation - hourly rate depends on the type and expertise of resource (i.e. PHP, Frontend, iOS, Middle, Senior) and varies from $12/h to $22/h
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