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Stanley Smith

Algorithm Scientist
   United States
  |   Bradenton, FL


Physicist, statistics expert, and signal processing engineer providing robust algorithm based solutions for a wide range of business and product development areas. Focus of activity includes analysis, synthesis, artificial intelligence, neural networks, identification algorithms, statistical detection theory, and adaptive pattern recognition.
Service Description
Application areas include human detection, business model simulations, face recognition, voice recognition, sound artifact recognition, biomedical signature characterization (respiration, heart, fluid flow, periodicity, transfer functions); modality prediction, turbulence, second-order gradient analysis, equity forecasting, scheduling (NP and fuzzy logic), time series analysis; synthesis of adaptive scenarios, detection sub-systems, econometric modeling; physics based modalities, anomalous sensor detection, image processing, accelerometer, radar signal processing, demodulation, telemetry, neutron detection, radioactive isotope identification, sensor fusion, target tracking (Kalman, multi-hypothesis, unscented), automated data mining (Internet spider tool development), marketing statistics, genetic algorithms, neural networks, software development, business venture metrics generation, multi-tier HTML parsing, general data feature extraction.

Develops prototype emulation of mathematical concept models to subsystem for developers. Expertise in decision theory, DSP algorithms, peak detectors, anomalous detection (acoustics and RF), demodulation signal processing, audio analysis, telemetry processing, pattern recognition, adaptive signal processing strategies, ballistic missile tracking (Kalman and multi-hypothesis), image processing clutter signal processing, K-means clustering, optical deconvolution, image segmentation, anti-jamming radar, interference cancellation communications signal processing, dye laser optics, explosive detection image processing, micro bolometer FPA image processing, CCD camera image stabilization, gamma/neutron nuclear detection, X-ray backscatter signal processing, multi-sensor overlap projection modeling, DF processing. Proficient in statistical simulation model development and rapid prototyping in high-level languages.

Strong proposal writing skills including business, SBIR, and technical white paper development. Technology trade study experience (commercial product development).

"The real essence of work is concentrated energy"
Iowa State University
Detection Theory Curriculum
1980 - 1980
University of Iowa
Digital Signal Processing Curriculum
1979 - 1980
Washington State University
M.S. Physics
- 1979
North Park University
BA Physics
- 1975
SR Technologies
Algorithm DSP Engineer
2012 - 2013
Developed proprietary DSP wireless demodulation algorithm solutions.
Rockwell Collins
Principal Systems Engineer
2010 - 2012
Algorithm lead for development of algorithms and architecture validation for next generation weather radar commercial products. Synthesized hybrid DSP algorithms for enhanced radar detection performance. Performed RF signal processing and simulation testing of pulse compression modulations. Developed a physics based weather radar simulation tool for model validation of complex weather models. Conducted performance analyses and verification of algorithm system architecture requirements. Author of comprehensive systems document for a new generation weather radar product.
Software Engineer Consultant
2009 - 2010
Development of embedded algorithms for radar electronic warfare systems used in LRU Avionic subsystems. Designed object oriented signal processing software models using Rhapsody and C++. Presented software design reviews and performed action item management. Developed and tested C++ code models in Visual Studio for embedded VxWorks deployment. Made recommendations and implemented algorithm enhancements.
Systems Engineer Consultant
2008 - 2008
Validated baseline Kalman Filter tracking algorithm for customer. Tested and converted MATLAB baseline model to VB.NET. Added and verified enlarged state vector and associated covariance in Visual Studio. Developed DSP enhancements for improved accuracy. Created test plans for end-state validation. Derived the mathematics and redesigned C++ deployment code for a dedicated non-linear EKF tracking application.
L-3 Communications CyTerra
Principal Algorithm Engineer
2007 - 2008
Developed multi-path mitigation algorithms for “Through Wall” radar signal processing. Tested and debugged ATR anomaly based mine detection algorithms in MATLAB. Developed regression ranking algorithms for identification of explosive materials from IR imaging. Devised fiber filter enhancement algorithms that drastically reduced false-positives. Enhancements enabled mid-year performance customer objectives to be met. Converted baseline image processing code developed in MATLAB code to VB.NET and C++. Designed and implemented enhancements in VB.NET for accelerated parameter optimization. Performed quick deployment code conversion and validation to C++ with firmware engineer.
STS International
Systems Engineer IV
2003 - 2007
Technical lead engineer in development of adaptive sensor signal processing techniques. Created and verified DSP based algorithms for RF/radar surveillance systems in VB.NET and later converted the code to C++ for system deployment in Iraq. Applied physics and prior DSP experience to enhancement of X-ray tomography and gamma ray detection systems. Developed and tested a MATLAB field clutter estimation tool. Constructed sonar, IR, optical and acoustic based statistical detection and fusion systems. Directed and communicated algorithms to software engineering. Designed sensor fusion, tracking, and clutter rejection algorithms for processing of disparate data. Wrote and tested a DF algorithm using azimuth from separated mid-range radars. Developed multi-hypothesis maximum likelihood tracking algorithms, modified Kalman state estimators, and Markov based walking algorithms. Performed pre- and post- filter pulse detection simulations to determine lower bounds in coherent and noncoherent detection performance. Verified from field testing clutter performance enhancements using Doppler based DSP processing of raw detection data. Coordinated radar test plans for performance verification. Developed VB.NET GIS multi-sensor coverage applications that generate polygon vertex collections. Developed autocorrelation based voice recognition algorithms used for human authentication detection methods and exploited modalities used in micro-Doppler gait technologies. Wrote white papers and technical proposals for business development. Principal investigator for novel spatial-temporal anomalous detection solutions. Provided company-wide expertise in mathematics and algorithm development. Performed down selection of pulse radar subsystems for port security contract. Procured and configured a LINUX based radar tracking system for shore based radars. Performed field testing of two noncoherent radars and developed a spatial clutter rejection algorithm.
Custom Manufacturing and Engineering (CME)
Senior Systems Engineer
2004 - 2005
Worked in the advanced concepts group with business development. Developed SBIR proposals and technical solutions including FPA IR detection microbolometer, sensor fusion of Ultraviolet C band, meteorological prediction using satellite imagery, dual radiometer solution to vertical water content of the atmosphere. Developed FPA IR detection algorithms for both stationary and moving human targets. Developed a preliminary fire control strategy for tanks. Documented detailed false-alarm and probability of detection of pixel-based target detection versus Johnson’s criteria. Developed an alternative tracking algorithm used by Ford Aerospace for satellite tracking and a phased array receiver system. Won a 5 million dollar contract in sensor fusion for which I was the principal investigator.
Constellation Technology Corp
Principal Physicist
2000 - 2002
Independently designed robust algorithms and software used for real-time identification of sensitive nuclear material, diagnostic radiation sources and other radioactive isotopes. Method used an integrated cross-correlation metric applied to gamma ray induced energy spectrums. Results lead to high selectivity of the data set covariance matrix. Wrote paper explaining the theoretical basis of the algorithm. Technique was successfully demonstrated in Vienna and verified empirically as part of an SMDC Army contract. Applied and implemented those algorithms to an integrated data acquisition system. Developed a scalable graphical version of the software with instrument control and data acquisition services. Debugged histogram integration C code that was embedded on an FPGA. Supported adaptation of interface to instrument firmware upgrades including concurrent use of wireless Ethernet, serial RS-232, parallel and PCMCIA devices. Developed numerically intensive software for characterization of gamma ray induced charge collection of HgI2. Contributed expertise in mathematical methods.
Lead Developer
1998 - 2000
Managed four VB developers in the auto-finance industry. Developed the finance module, custom import/export utilities, and the company demo CD. Rewrote the API interface handling subsystem for three book-valuation methods. Created enhancements to the finance portion of MSP software. Individually performed all Alpha Finance product development. Added enhancements and debugged the acquired Spectrum 2000 Internet application. Developed a series of data conversion/correction utilities enabling customers to migrate from former products to 32-bit applications on Windows NT/98 platforms. Wrote general and template based database conversion utilities (ADO/DAO) to simplify changes to target applications. Created import utilities from FoxPro, UCS, ADP and Reynold & Reynolds third party systems for inventory management integration with Alpha Finance product.
Micro Mo Electronics
IT Manager
1994 - 1998
Procured an NT based MRP system that replaced a legacy system and received a letter of commendation from the President for the team effort. Managed network administration and programming staff. Developed a 32-bit windows applications in VB and C++ for client and integrated functions. Applications include: RS-232 communications motor control manufacturing solutions, the company’s rule-based pricing system, scan-FAX subsystem, MVP network demo software, clean room production software, and automated motor testing software. Developed both shipper and pricing interfaces to the windows-based business system. Designed, programmed and implemented a fully integrated multi-parameter monitoring system for ISO9001 quality control motor inspection and a multi-user process control for company product assemblies. Developed internal software for manipulation of business system data for purposes of analysis and reports for marketing. Created front-end communication software to support motor controller firmware applications.
Profit Plus Associates
Owner / Developer
1991 - 1994
Developed an entire product line of PC based travel agency software products that were approved by Sabre, Worldspan, Covia and System One. Developments represented cutting edge profitability analysis tools, reports and relational database engine with import software supporting 95% of all travel agency back-office accounting systems. Participated in marketing functions and attended numerous trade shows and technical conferences. Provided on-site installations and/or remote technical support to all customers. Developed specialized interfaces for System One AS/4000. Wrote DB2 SQL scripts that were used to create handoff files for IBM back-office users and wrote optional client import programs. Supported X-Base and relational comma-delimited handoff sets.
Loral Data Systems
Senior Principal Engineer
1981 - 1991
Performed RF pulse detection performance analysis, synthesis of synchronization techniques, modeling and simulation of post-detection telemetry signal processing algorithms and analysis of error detection correction coding techniques. Designed and implemented digital signal processing algorithms for demodulation, robust pattern recognition and deterministic signal parameter characterization. Promoted four times. Product development of high performance modems (signal demodulation and symbol synchronization sub-systems) through theoretical modeling, simulation and tape processing applications. Focused on extremely low SNR processing techniques including convolutional spectral processing and interference cancellation of narrow band interference. Conducted analysis study contracts, incorporated signal processing algorithms in FORTRAN VAX software processing packages and made recommendations for hardware development. Developed a patent applied log-likelihood weighting technique applied to modulo-2 synchronization systems. Presented research papers including "PSK Carrier Recovery through an Auto-Convergent Gradient Search" and "Integration Methods and Analysis for Cyclic Pattern Recognition". Extensive analysis software development in FORTRAN in VAX/VMS and SUN workstations.
Rockwell Collins
Engineer / Scientist III
1979 - 1981
Primary areas included antennas, propagation, ionospheric radar (sounding), and adaptive signal processing communications. Contributed significantly to ECCM HF study contracts for the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army CORADCOM. Created an AJ/LPI power control strategy for the U.S. Air Force. Proposed fundamental channel parameters needed for frequency management, modem performance estimation, and channel corrective techniques. Developed and verified, through simulations, digital signal processing algorithms for estimation of these parameters and for FSK detection. Performed modeling, analysis, and evaluation of advanced HF communication concepts and techniques. Acquired expertise in physics of ionospheric radio propagation and applied background to semi-empirical models for propagation prediction. Promoted from level II after one year. Performed analysis and modeling of HF antenna systems over lossy dielectrics.
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