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Raymond Steven C.

Professional, creative, meticulous, and dependable
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I am a British national who has built a five star reputation on Elance by always striving to exceed expectations.

I am an intelligent, conscientious and thorough worker with skills in a number of areas. Nowadays I concentrate my efforts on helping people to organize and run their businesses.

I can help you with the 1,001 everyday tasks needed to stay on top of your business. I can free up your time so you can look after all the proactive actions required to make any small business a success. I also have the experience to help you streamline and grow your business.

I have over 15 years experience in I.T., have excellent writing skills, considerable sales and management experience, and ran my own businesses for 20 years.

I also have a niche market in Podio systems design and configuration.
Service Description
Business Help:
I can do all those things that are taking up your time and preventing you from moving forward. I have run my own businesses. I know what it's like.

I can control tasks and teams, set up and manage systems, fight fires with one hand and build firewalls with the other.

I can write perfect copy or business documents, deal with clients and suppliers professionally, recruit the best contractors and manage them and their tasks.

I'm very young in spirit and in mind. and I'm always learning.

Here is my background:

I have enjoyed a number of disparate careers.

Until my mid-30's I worked in sales management. I then developed a keen interest in software development. I found myself a job as a junior developer and studied on a day-release basis at University for five years to gain a BSc. degree with commendation in computer science. I then progressed from software engineer to freelance programmer and later freelance consultant in London and in Zürich.

I enjoyed a two-year contract as a mentor to software development teams at UBS, a major Swiss bank. I was then recruited by Credit Suisse First Boston and was contracted there for three years in all, with responsibility for configuration and maintenance of their web and application severs, and control of the deployment of software to them.

In 2002 I moved to Latvia and opened a restaurant. Two years later I opened a second restaurant and a bar. Five years ago I sold the business to retire early and take things easier.

Since giving up the business I've enjoyed the freedom from stress but I need to stay busy. So for the past four years I've been working online.

I've had a number of clients and tasks, but my main employer has been a sales training company in Australia. There I managed development projects for interactive online training, wrote copy, recruited contractors, ensured compliance with controlling government agencies etc. I also introduced them to Podio, set everything up for them and managed the system. I also handled all their I.T. work.

The following refers to Podio only. If you've no need of my Podio skills then you need read no further.

If you're in business, no matter how small, and you don't know what Podio is, I strongly urge you to find out more about it. I suppose you can describe Podio as a workflow management system. It helps you control projects and budgets, set and manage tasks, allocate resources, communicate etc., all in one place. You can manage almost anything in it.

I started out using Podio because I was looking for a system to manage collaboration on projects., But I wanted more than Basecamp and the like could offer. I didn't hold out much hope of finding the tool to satisfy the fuzzy concept in my head, but I did - and more.

Podio can be used to manage any business systems. Examples are CRM, project management, training, software development. What's more, it's also either free or very affordable.

Podio is very simple to use. But that simplicity of use can also spell danger. Anyone can build a Podio app - it's like playing with building blocks. The problem is, that simplicity can lure users into thinking that modelling their real world systems in Podio is also simple. It is not.

Any child can put together a house from building blocks, but ask him to build a small town and model all the infrastructure, interactions and systems, and he's going to need some specialist knowledge too. The same goes for Podio. Designing a simple standalone app is easy, clunk, clunk, clunk and you're there. Designing a system of interacting apps that map a real world process needs specialist knowledge.

The specialist knowledge required is object-oriented design. Especially expertise in identifying classes and methods. Database design knowledge is also very useful, particularly understanding normalization, keys and one-to-one and one-to-many relationships.

This is where I come in. I've been immersed in object-oriented design for over twenty years. I've also been involved in database design for the majority of that time. Using a combination of these skills I will model your real world business systems in Podio.

I've already designed and set up Podio systems to:
- Manage collaboration projects between various developers, designers and their client
- Manage projects and their deliverables.
- Provide and manage contractors and employees time-sheets, allocating costs to various projects
- Create and manage a training delivery system
- Create and manage a system to ensure compliance with a registering body's regulations.
- Created a room reservation system and guest record system for a small hotel.
- Manage student enrollments.
- Manage employee recruitment and induction.
- Design and create a simple to use 'continuous improvement' process and record.

University of Hertfordshire
BSc with commendation in Computer Science
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Raymond Steven C. | Elance

Raymond Steven C.