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Misty May Stiles

Editor and Writer
   United States
  |   Aurora, CO
  |  7:14 pm Local Time


Language is an art form, and when expressed in the right manner, it will captivate, engage, and inspire your audience. As a writer, I pay close attention to mood, tone, and flow in order to convey your message in the manner that will best deliver your desired results.

I also provide editing and proofreading services. With over ten years of experience, my knowledge of grammar and punctuation rules is impeccable. I can apply any specific style guidelines you may require. In addition I can also write and proofread in either US or UK English. My editing services are very comprehensive and always include constructive feedback about the overall effectiveness of your written piece The details of my service options are listed in the section below.
Service Description
WRITING: eBooks, ghostwriting, resumes, CVs, cover letters, copy writing, web content, articles, technical documents, business materials, and training manuals.

I excel in composing large amounts of high-quality writing and organizing it into reader-friendly eBooks that are professional in presentation and strong in content.

I specialize in writing material that is inspirational. All writing is meant to inspire others to some degree. My aptitude for inspiration is naturally infused into my writing, creatively adding power to the words I write for you. Powerful words provoke thought, spark insight, rouse excitement, compel action, stir up emotions, and relate to an individual's experiences. The words I write for you will connect your readers to your information, story, products, or services and inspire them to learn from you, appreciate you, buy from you, and want more from you.

PROOFREADING AND EDITING: all professional or technical documents, as well as any of your own personal writings or books. I have extensive experience proofreading and editing material written by individuals learning English as a second language.

Proofreading services include:
*subject/verb agreement
*consistency in number use, letter casing, and main words
*check of all unfamiliar names/proper nouns to ensure proper spelling

Editing services may include any of the following:
*all proofreading services
*sentence structure
*paragraph structure
*overall content layout
*parallelism (enhances flow and helps build connections within segments that will be more memorable and more enjoyable for your audience to read)
*eliminate redundancy
*fact check
*developmental editing
*comments with suggestions on how to improve your content
Payment Terms
Hourly jobs will be converted to a fixed price arrangement. Work on your job will begin after the job is awarded and escrow is funded.
Misty May Stiles | Elance

Misty May Stiles