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Jay L.

LAMP/Actionscript/Javascript/Web Developer
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I'm a 38 year old graduate (March 2006) of the Art Institute of Vancouver's Interactive Media Design program.
Since my graduation I've been employed across a spectrum of companies/design houses located both in Vancouver, British Columbia and in Japan where I presently reside (going on seven years now).

While my experiences range from the desktop to the mobile application space (above all here in Japan, where Mobile is king and queen), my core skill set revolves primarily around Rich Internet Application development and deployment on a LAMP (or rather LLMP, as I personally prefer Lighttpd to Apache) stack.
Service Description
Coupling the aforementioned dynamic, server side technologies on the back-end with the versatility of Flash/Actionscript 3/AIR and standards compliant practices, employing HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript/jQuery on the front; add a pinch of a good, healthy grounding in graphic design and we can forge a lush and compelling user experience:

- LAMP based Rich Internet Application development.
- Deployment of LAMP stack on Linux servers. Lighttpd and/or Apache.
- PHP 5 and/or Ruby 1.8/1.9 coupled with a MySQL and/or PostgreSQL database.
- Flash/Actionscript 3/AIR on Desktop and Mobile platforms.
- Standards compliant web design (HTML5/CSS3) on Desktop and Mobile(Android/iOS/Firefox OS) platforms.
- JavaScript/jQuery/Node.js.
- HTML5 games with Enchant.js.
- Mobile frameworks, Appcelerator Titanium and PhoneGap.
- Graphic/logo design. Principals of Graphic Design and Typography.
- Google Apps Script (GAS) application development and Google services integration.
- Version control systems: Mercurial, SVN & GIT.
- IDEs of choice: NetBeans/FlashDevelop.

BitBucket Public Projects Repository:

Spoken Languages:
- Fluent spoken and written English.
- Japanese, intermediate/business level.
The Art Institute of Vancouver
Interactive Media Design / Diploma
2004 - 2006
Techno Mobile - www.tcmobile.jp
Web/Mobile application designer and developer.
2010 - Present
Presently employed as an all purpose web/flash designer at a small, but burgeoning design house located in Tokyo.
Index - indexweb.jp
Web Designer/JavaScript coder
2011 - 2013
For a year and a half, I was employed "In residence" at one of Techno Mobile's partner companies: Index. A large Japanese mobile design and development firm. My work here consisted mostly of front-end design and deployment, primarily JavaScript and HTML5/CSS. Over that time I participated in a couple major mobile game design projects. First off, I was lead front-end programmer on the development of an "Evangelion", mobile smartphone game, which was eventually deployed via the "Gree" gaming platform. This was written entirely in JavaScript (jQuery/Enchant.js). Other on-going projects that I participated in, was continued front-end JavaScript design/coding on Index's "Sammy 777 Town" mobile, smartphone pachislot/pachinko web-based gaming platform. And server-side database to client-side logic via extensive use of Node.js/MongoDB/MySQL and the Socket.io library.
AMU Mobile Inc.
Web/Mobile application designer and developer.
2008 - 2010
Two years in the Japanese mobile design industry. AMU is a mobile design house located in down-town Tokyo, Japan. The company retains rights to produce and distribute mobile content employing well know assets/characters such as Betty Boop, Domo-kun, Peter Rabbit etc. for the Japanese mobile phone market. The company employs an in-house, custom Ruby framework (not Rails) built on top of a PostgreSQL database, for the production and deployment of mobile websites. Here I was employed as both a Flash Actionscript (Flash Lite primarily, given the medium) designer on the front end and PHP/Ruby developer on the back end, in the production of mobile web sites and mobile design tools.
World Rise
Flash Actionscript coder/programmer
2007 - 2008
Hired full-time as an in-house Flash Actionscript coder/programmer and all purpose web designer. Produced a number of Flash Actionscript animations for a number of sites. Along with a company site redesign that unfortunately never came to fruition due to the company suffering dissolution.
Faulkner Brand
Contract web application developer
2007 - 2007
Contracted to produce a number of Flash/PHP/XML interfaces and designs.
Chalk Media
Flash Actionscript programmer/designer
2006 - 2006
I was contracted as an in-house Flash Actionscript coder and designer to work on the production of e-learning applications for delivery by various formats, primarily CD/DVD, on behalf of numerous large Canadian companies such as Telus, HSBC, Samsung, Pharmasave etc. Most of my time there was spent bringing interface concepts to vibrant life via Flash Actionscript code and the application of aesthetically pleasing, user oriented design principles; balancing and marrying the building-blocks of graphic design philosophies such as colour theory and typography, with the occasionally fickle and rigid impositions of digital media. In an effort to produce the most compelling interfaces/applications there were times when I needed to engage in video and audio editing as well. Since my primary focus during my time at Chalk was that of a Flash Actionscript programmer/designer I gleaned many a fine opportunity to sharpen my coding skills through the need to seek out varying solutions to a myriad of different technical design quandaries. My opportunity to work further with this company was cut short by my long planned move to Japan.
Payment Terms
PayPal preferred.
Will also accept Bitcoin/Crypto currencies.
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