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sudev shetty

server administrator
  |   pune, maharastra


Over 7 plus years of general computer experience, extensive experience in installing, maintaining and troubleshooting Windows systems, Linux, freebsd ,Apache, office applications, security software firewall and others. Knowledgeable in computer hardware and various devices.
Service Description
I have 7 plus years of experience working as a system admin , i have a team for 3 software developers who work on c/c++ for a firewall and mail server solutions.

Technical Skills:-

Operating Systems and Software :-

Skilled in the installation, configuration and administration of Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/2000+/ME/XP, Linux (RedHat, Mandrake, suse and other), familiar with FreeBSD and solaris

Experienced with a broad range of software, utilities and protocols, including the following :-

WWW Servers - Apache, tomcat, IIS
Routers :- Linux routers, wingate, linksys
Dns :- Bind, dns
Domain Controller
Networking - Tcp/ip, nfs, Telnet, Ftp, Dns, Dhcp, Nat, ifconfig, route, netstat, xinetd, Http
Mail - smtp, pop3, imap
Admin Tools - admintool, smit, linuxconf, vmstat, iostat, top, traceroute, ping, sar, ntop, webmin
Backup - tar , robocopy
Office - OpenOffice 1.x, StarOffice 5.2/6.0, MS Office 97, 2000, XP
Security - SSH, SSL, TCP Wrappers, Tripwire, port scanners, password crackers, Ipsec
Firewall :- IPchains, Iptables etc
Graphics - Adobe Photoshop, Gif animators
Databases MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle
Other - samba, proxy (squid, winproxy), MRTG, CVS, wingate
Systems and Devices :-
Well acquainted with PC Compatibles (assembling, installation, problem diagnostics and troubleshooting), hard disks, CPUs, motherboards, expansion cards, printers, monitors, removable drives, hubs, switches, etc.
Programming :-
Shell scripting (Bourne, Bourne Again, Korn), HTML , c , php
Payment Terms
Payment Terms - 25% advance , 50% on completion of a target mutually decided , balance 25% on completion of work.

For Repetitive Projects : Payment on a Monthly basis for the work completed previous month.

Turnaround Time : As demanded by Client

Other Business Terms: 1. Courier and Shipping charges to be borne by customer wherever applicable.
2. Confidentiality of information will be maintained strictly at our end and we shall not be held liable for any leakage of the same during transit or otherwise.
sudev shetty | Elance

sudev shetty