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Suzanne Bowen

Team with us to make your content shine.
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"Suzanne and her team are very professional; excellent communication and all work delivered exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Suzanne, for going the extra mile on my project."

We are highly skilled copy editors of every book genre and website editors of all types of online business with BA degrees in English, American History and Marketing. We have started and sold three technology businesses and have plenty of marketing and SEO experience. We are professional, efficient and quick. Our Elance clients rate us with top "5" feedback rating average on 55 jobs. We have managed to stay in the top 5 % in English on Elance. We are confident we can help with your project and look forward to working with you!
Service Description
- Proofreading / editing business and academic online and offline documents

- Web, WordPress, mobile app development and editing ... we have the BEST suits customization complete website template (better than Indochino) ready to personalize for your new business.

- Conducting audio podcast interviews such as those at

- Intelligent representation for companies at exhibitions, booths, expos, conferences and other business events (no booth babes among us ;-)
University of South Alabama
Media Education Graduate Studies
1997 - 1998
University of West Florida
1984 - 1987
Elegant Group Inc
Vice President, Co-founder
2011 - Present
Our team has the necessary experience and expertise in all types of online communications including WordPress, php, mobile app editing, html5, Wikpedia, press releases, blog writing, audio podcast creation and editing and publication, video editing, and image editing. We include individuals with graduate studies in Media Education, Instructional Technology, Design and Multimedia Editing, and Website and Mobile Development. Our aim is to bring class and excellence and a path of success for our clients.
Super Technologies, Inc.
Co-Owner, Co-Founder, CEO, CMO
1999 - 2011
I was an English teacher for twelve years who brought her own Tandy 1000 HX into the middle school classroom, paid for dialup Internet and phone line from grants applied for and received, and used online resources with the students to augment civics and history study, writing, reading, debate, research, scientific method and decision making lessons. We met networked with families, businesses and schools which led to my co-founding of Super Technologies, an SMB that invented, created, and provided Internet protocol-based communications services. These further empowered thousands of global entrepreneurs to start new businesses. My duties at Super Technologies included marketing, public relations, carrier relations, documentation, training, customer service, sales, and major decision-making. When I sold my shares, I had already trained several employees to take over my responsibilities for a smooth transition.
Escambia County School District
Language Arts Teacher
1991 - 2001
Activities and accomplishments: 1. Supervised school yearbook, newspaper, website development, Gifted Studies, Introduction to Foreign Languages, Civics, English, Introduction to Internet, and Powder Puff Mechanics 2. Led Train the Trainer in Florida Writes! Testing and Training for Florida State middle school teachers in 1997 - 1999 3. Wrote and received 1 million dollars' worth of educational grants in the areas of cultural literacy, the basics, Internet research, and team teaching paired with integrated learning 4. Gained Partners in Education for the school 5. Initiated and managed the Japanese Teaching Intern trade at the school three years in a row 6. Received Escambia County, Florida English Teacher of the Year in 2000 and Emmit Smith Teacher's Essay Award 1st Place in 1999
Payment Terms
Payment should be completed to us by the "Client" via Paypal or within the Elance system. We would like to receive it by three business days after completion of the work assignment or per the "Milestones" that we and the Client mutually set.
Suzanne Bowen | Elance

Suzanne Bowen