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Stefanie V.

Multilingual translator/writer/proofreader.
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When quality matters, you seek professionalism. That is where I come in. An experienced multi-lingual translator, writer, editor, proofreader and researcher with over 10 years of relevant experience under her belt. Able to work under pressure and keep focus on delivering timely results tailored to YOUR business, without losing eye for quality. I am dedicated to making YOUR needs my goals, and to use my creativity in finding the solution to your challenges within the budget that befits you.

As an avid reader / writer, the transition of turning a hobby into a source of income was easily made once the investment in relevant education was made.
And with success, my first children's book has been published.

The services are ALL provided by me (100% HUMAN translations), 100% guaranteed; NO OUTSOURCING!
Service Description
Owns translation software such as Trados and Swordfish.

English - Dutch / Dutch - English
English - French / French - English
English - German / German - English
English - Danish / Danish - English
And any combination pairs concerning these languages.

Article writing
Business plans
Training material


Naturally, the skills mentioned outside of the translation range apply to other languages as well. I can just as easily, say, proofread and edit in French.

Then of course there are the fields of expertise. Although I am able and willing to research any subject, significant knowledge in the following fields is present on a professional level;
- Psychology (BA x 2 - Once in Holland, once in the UK. 4 years of field experience.)
- Financial services ( 7 years of field experience.)
- Translation services (10 years of field experience.)
- Writing (fictional) content (4 years of field experience.)

And on an amateur level;
- Equine care (25+ years of experience.)
- Feline care ( 11 years of experience.)
- Travel (15 years of experience.)
- Acting (18 years of experience.)
- Gaming (15 years of experience.)
- Fictional writing (21 years of experience.)

Being versatile and flexible, also with my turn-around time, my services cannot be beaten.
What matters is YOUR project.

Key words which apply to me: client-oriented, communicative (I will keep you informed of my progress as often as you require), honest and hard-working.

Equally, I believe in good after care. If you have any issues with my work at a later time (Perhaps your PC crashed and you have lost the file?), please do not hesitate to contact me. I will do what I can to rectify what ever issue you may face, with the sole exception of rewrites at a later date.

Once it has been agreed upon that the work is finished and you have agreed on satisfaction, the project is closed.
General Electric
Lean Six Sigma
Awarded: 2010
Open University, Manchester
Bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology
2005 - 2008
Open University, Manchester
Creative Writing Course
2004 - 2004
Open Universiteit (Nederland)
Psychologie en Communicatie
1999 - 2002
Spectrum College Breda (SPW)
Sociaal Pedagogisch Werk
1996 - 1999
Timely Translations & Worldly Writing
2012 - Present
After years of part-time freelancing to investigate the possibilities, I made the step to becoming a full time freelancer. Having established relationships with clients the world over, I provide accurate translation services alongside excellent writing services.
General Electric (Capital Funding Services)
Credit and Collections
2008 - 2011
Served for over three years working in a highly self-motivational environment, using the following language skills actively on a day-to-day basis: Dutch, English, French and German. Working with high-profile clients and portfolios with an individual value of up to 20 million dollars a month to deliver timely results, but also to write ad hoc business plans, training material, perform translations etc. Left the company to move to another country and commence my own company.
Michelin Services
2006 - 2007
Timely delivery of monthly results for the French/Spanish portfolios. Languages utilised: French and English primarily. Negotiate with clients (Michelin and Euromaster) concerning budget versus stock needs. Find solutions to challenges when the ratio was not conform budget. Punctial reporting to Michelin headquarters in Clermont Ferrand. Reason for leaving: Michelin decided to pull their office out of Manchester, UK. They transferred back to their headquarters in Clermont Ferrand, France.
Esso Serve Europe
Drystock management and Helpdesk
2004 - 2006
Drystock Management: Broker deals between Esso and its delivery clients to ensure timely deliveries of consumables for the Esso shops around Europe. Initially for the Irish market, later for BeNeLux market as well. Ensure items have valid barcodes in the system to prevent issues in the payment systems, meaning pro-active research, as well as detailing / describing the articles in the system. Helpdesk: Provide technical assistance over the phone to Esso shops around Europe (English, Dutch, French and German skills utilised) when computer systems malfunctioned. Timely results and thorough analitical skills were vital to ensure the shops would not be without a payment system, which would mean a shut-down for each day the system was malfunctioning. Perform ad hoc writing and translation tasks which included but were not limited to: business plans, training material, work sheets, PPT presentations etc. Reason for leaving: Esso Serve Europe was eventually re-located to Budapest. I could, due to personal reasons, not uproot and join the company.
Payment Terms
Through Elance Escrow service only. Once the money has been placed in Escrow, work will commence.
To guarantee safety for the client in turn; no funds will be requested until the completion of the project or specific milestone.
Stefanie V. | Elance

Stefanie V.