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About the Company

ArtEffect is a high quality professional company that provides creative services to businesses across the globe.
My name is Swat and I am the creator and main artist of the company. I have 10 years of extensive experience in art and 3D graphics. I have painted, illustrated, animated, creatively directed and managed for some of the largest creative agencies. During this time I have serviced the creative needs of some of the biggest global brands, such as Sony, Adidas, Nikon, Samsung, BBC, Kodak, Motorola and many others. What all this means is that now that ArtEffect has been established as a one-man creative machine, I can bring all those skills, years of experience and oodles of passion, into a whole new, and much more affordable package! Without further ado, welcome to Arteffect!
Service Description
Service Description

ArtEffect's approach is to provide the very best level of creative services at very reasonable prices.
The most popular directions are:

--- Illustrations
We work in many different capacities, some of which include: Illustration for Game Art, Book Illustration, Illustration for Websites & Digital Mediums, Storyboards.

--- iPhone, iPad and Android applications design
We offer the following skills: Character Art, Backgrounds Art, Animation, Interface Design, HUD Design.

--- 3D graphics and Animation
Some of the services available are: Characters, Objects and Environment Modeling, Lighting & Texturing, Photorealistic Visualization, Character Animation and Physical Simulation.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
For project Lower than $1000
50% Draft
50% On Completion

For Project Higher than $1000
33% Advance
33% Draft
Rest On Completion
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