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Sylvain P.

Sound Designer | Audio Engineer
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Highly creative, detail-oriented and "impact" focused in designing and mixing audio material. Original music creation, remix/arrangement skills. Ability to work in team, often under pressure to meet the deadline. Capacity to understand quickly the needs of the client. Excellent knowledge of modern professional analog/digital audio equipment.
Service Description
I'm offering ten years of experience in the music business and post production industry.

I provide creative sound design, from delicate branding logo to big sounding theatrical trailer soundtrack. This is my everyday job, so I'm used to react quickly to the fast turnarounds of our industry.
I use extensive SFX libraries, record myself, perform heavy music editing, sync the ADR and tweak everything until it sounds right.

I can deliver files in every format you need, can handle PAL/NTSC, and be compliant with various standards like EBU R128/ATSC A85.

For musical projects, number of tracks is not a problem as I have access to a Protools HD3 accel with Waves, TC Electronics reverb, Melodyne, Massenburg EQ, Izotope RX2 etc.. plug ins installed.
I can produce original music and remix/arrange tracks in most of the popular genres.

Past clients include Disney, Marvel,RAI, Mediaset, Comedy Central...

I speak french, italian and english fluently.
Audio Engineering
1999 - 2000
Universite Louis Pasteur
1998 - 1999
Universite Louis Pasteur
License Electronique
1997 - 1998
Universite Louis Pasteur
DEUG Physique
1995 - 1997
Disney Channel Italy
Sound Designer/Protools Operator
2006 - Present
Work along with producers, editors, graphic designers to produce all the on-air and off-air promotion of the channel. Create the sound design of the graphics and actions, choose and edit the music, record and direct voice talents, record and perform foley, mix the spots, consulting in preproduction. Keep organized large amount of projects. Technical consulting.
Audio Productions companies in Milan-Italy
FreeLance Sound Engineer
2004 - 2006
Music industry (Alari Park Recording Studio, Alphaville Studio, Massive Art Studio). Television (Studio PV, Videoproject). Advertising TV and Radio (Bondi Brothers, Eccetera, Mediabuster).
Harryson Studio
Sound Engineer
2001 - 2004
Music Industry: Recording/Mix on SSL 4000G-SSL 9000J-Neve 88VR etc...
Payment Terms
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Sylvain P. | Elance

Sylvain P.