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Sylvie L.

Translator, Linguist and Foreign Language Teacher
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Accomplished linguist and professional translator with more than 25 years of experience in translation, proofreading, editing, teaching languages and education. Fully trilingual (French, English and Spanish) and tricultural with expertise in German. I have enjoyed living/studying/working in Canada, Europe (France, Spain and Germany), and Mexico.

Providing top-notch quality translations to and from French, English and Spanish, writing, and educational services in French and English.

Precision, professionalism and perfection guaranteed!
Service Description

*24 years of full-time experience teaching languages (French, English, Spanish and German) to children and youths

*25 years of part-time experience teaching languages (French, English and Spanish) to adults from various backgrounds (civil servants, militaries, judges, medical staff and private sector employees)

*5 years of experience in eLearning education / distance education (high school and university levels)

*7 years as a lecturer teaching at 3 different universities, as well as 4 years teaching ESL (e.g.: prep. for STANAG English tests, ESL to foreign workers in Canada, etc.)

*8 years of experience as a contractor for our Ministry of Education, reviewing educational resources (print, audio, electronic) in four languages (French, Spanish, German and English)

*Numerous years of experience in translating from and into French, English and Spanish (broad range of topics and formats). Successful completion of projects in French, English, Spanish, and German in the education, legal, health & medical, human resources, business, media and communications, IT, sales, tourism and literature fields, as well as various official documents such as birth and marriage certificates, police reports, and medical reports

*Considerable experience translating legal, academic, human resources, and medical documents

*I hold the bilingualism rating of PPP (professional) from the Canadian federal government. It is the highest bilingualism (French and English) standing recognized by the federal government for its employees. Each letter represents one of three components (reading, writing, and oral interaction) of a language test at a superior level. The level PPP is only tested and granted to professionals who use the language as part of their work (e.g.: translators, language professors, editors, copywriters, etc.).

*Extensive and comprehensive studies in languages (French, English, Spanish and German) , linguistic, education, translation, and career counselling

*Was presented with an Excellence in Teaching Award by our Ministry of Education for my work in teaching, education and languages

*Was invited to speak at national conferences for languages teachers

*Solid experience in writing program of studies, curriculum design, lesson planning, writing and marking standardized tests, eLearning / distance education, and various other areas related to the field of education.

*Experience working as a Career Counsellor. In that capacity, I wrote countless resumes, C.V.s and cover letters. I also taught how to write resumes and cover letters to high school students.


Translations and proofreading projects in the following fields:

Teaching / Academic Materials / Children Writing: Powerpoint presentations, excerpts of textbooks, academic articles, blog articles, conference speeches, apps, software, bilingual books, short novels, teaching materials, grading of translation tests, tutorials for a Fortune 500 company, training manuals, ebooks on various topics such as bullying, packaging.

Legal: Contracts, affidavits, NDAs, correspondence, web content, adoption forms, family law documents, and others.

Human Resources: employee manuals, training manuals, POS systems, job descriptions, job advertisements, policies, descriptions and changes to benefits, resumes, cover letters, CVs, employees/employers/benefits forms, correspondence, terms and conditions, surveys.

Medical & Health: Medical reports, patient files, death certificates, prescriptions, blog articles, web content, dental and hair transplant material and publicity, correspondence, videos, insurance policies, medical devices directives and regulations, diet and healthy lifestyle, articles about colds and influenzas, ebook on personal psychology, alternative medicine and others.

Horticulture: Website content, blog articles, catalogues, product descriptions, press releases, official announcements, speeches, teaching materials.

Public Relations: Press releases, blog articles, publicities, banners, surveys, logos, slogans.

Official Documents: Transcripts, birth, death and marriage certificates, divorce decrees, court orders, correspondence to embassies and immigration departments.

General: jewellry, cosmetics, tourism, hospitality industry, varied marketing materials, natural products, menus, etc.

Finance: Personal finance, mortgages, real estate, RRSPs, FOREX, blog articles, web content.


*Here are some of the services I offer:

-Accurate translation services in the following language pairs:
English-French (Canadian French or Standard/European French)
French - English
Spanish - French
Spanish - English
German - English
German - French

-Meticulous proofreading and editing work in:
French and English documents

-Comprehensive writing and services in both French and English
academic writing
grading (translations and various assignments)
curriculum design
lesson planning
children's writing
blog articles
content writing
website content
business writing
(topics of specialization for blog articles and content writing: education, language learning/teaching, horticulture, gardening, organic gardening and lifestyle, jewellery, diamonds, health and fitness, travelling, relocating to a new country and immigration, gluten-free cooking and lifestyle, as well as other topics, as needed)

-Resume Writing services in both English and French

*I focus on quality, accuracy and attention to details, as well as on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with my clients, as evidenced by my high repeat client rate.


*While I like to offer comprehensive services to my clients, here are some projects I will not consider:

-Adult/Erotic, violent or illegal themes, whether as writing or translating projects
-Academic work that violates the integrity of an academic organization. Please understand that my availability to do academic work does not include writing assignments or thesis, or parts thereof, for others. I highly value academic integrity.

Last updated: July 2015
University of Ottawa
Master of Education, Second Language Acquisition
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Germany
Certificate in German Studies
Université de Montréal
Bachelor of Arts, German Studies, Minor in Spanish
Université de Montréal
Teaching Certificate, German, High School
Collège Lionel Groulx
College Degree in Languages and Literature
Colegio Sagrada Familia, Spain
Certificate in Spanish Language and Culture
Payment Terms
*Thank you for using Elance Escrow. For functional and privacy reasons, I do not use WorkView.

*Please note that I will not sign or engage in any agreement or NDA that goes against any of the Elance Terms (e.g.: payment form outside of Elance, providing free samples or mock-up jobs, non-compliance to funding job prior to the job being started, non-compliance of intellectual or academic property rights, etc.). Thank you for adhering to Elance Terms.

*Kindly note that I only accept contacts outside of Elance once a job has been awarded to me.

*Phone consultations will be at a pre-determined fee paid upfront.

*Jobs involving shipping (e.g.: sending translations of official documents) need to be paid upfront.


Clients from all continents entrust me with their language projects. Here is what some of them have said:

*One word. Incredible. Sylvie is now my go to for French/English translation help.

*I have worked with dozens of contractors on Elance; I have to say that Sylvie is extremely refined, professional, and has an academic and scholar-level presence in the translation world. Instead of using basic colloquial translations, she puts to work her knowledge of three languages (English, Spanish, and French) to complete a polished work. It is quite rare to find such an accomplished contractor on elance, and you will not regret working with her!
- Client

*Sylvie was an amazing trilingual resource for our project! Thanks Sylvie!
- skyscraperinc

*Sylviel did an excellent job on a quick turnaround request for a major client - the Canadian government. The proofreader referred to Sylviel's work as "flawless." Her work exceeded our expectations and she delivered the files well ahead of schedule, thus streamlining the process and allowing us to deliver the final translation to the client more than three hours ahead of schedule. The client was impressed with the quality of the translation. We will definitely assign more projects to Sylviel as we are confident in her abilities as a translator! Award with confidence.
- theaiml

*First class! Excellent and pleasant experience! Thank you!!!!
- macrozonaris

*sylviel translated a 1300 word document from English to French for me. I was very pleased with the results. She even made several very useful suggestions to improve the original English document. She did an excellent job communicating with me and was very prompt answering my questions. The work was completed well within my time frame. She is very courteous and helpful. I will definitely use her translation services again.
- BobTheEditor

*Extremely professional and timely, did a great job on project and also made welcomed improvements to original document on her own initiative!! - markh55

*Fantastic French translator that goes above and beyond to provide fast and accurate service!
- KRKhan

*It's not often these days, you get MORE than what you paid for. And yet, with this freelancer, that is exactly what you'll get. Out of sheer courtesy and dedication, she not only flawlessly translated the document I submitted, but- was even kind enough to politely suggest a few corrections in my original document that I hadn't previously noticed. World class service- for a price anyone online can afford. If I could leave 6 stars, I would. ;) Thank you!
- NipponKoishi
Stacy Glass, CHRP
HR Options, Senior Human Resources Consultant
Nie Jing
Shangai Medical Translation Services,
Sylvie L. | Elance

Sylvie L.