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Thomas S.

Experienced iPhone/iPad App and Database Developer
   United Kingdom
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I am based in London and have been freelancing full time since October 2003. I have specialist experience in developing native iPhone/iPad applications and custom web-based databases/systems.

Unlike a typical freelancer who works with one client at a time, I usually work on 4-5 projects at once and adopt an extreme programming methodology (an agile offshoot) so that robust apps and systems can be turned around rapidly.

I take real pride in my work and believe that software should be built properly without taking short-cuts, to be user-friendly, secure and easy to maintain.

Clients include digital/marketing agencies, large institutions, small businesses and individuals. A portfolio of recently completed apps can be sent out on request.
Service Description
iPhone/iPad App Development
I adopt an extreme programming methodology (an agile offshoot) for producing apps, so can produce robust apps within a few weeks (depending on complexity and availability of graphical assets of course).

Frequent revisions of your app are sent out over email with an installation link so that they can be installed directly on your iPhone/iPad. This enables you to review the app and provide feedback efficiently which also helps speed up development.

Apps are written natively using Xcode as this provides the greatest degree of customisation. Happy to work with your chosen designer and provide app design guidance. Alternatively, I have a professional designer on stand-by that can design your app icon and screens.

As my background is in web-based database/system development, I also have experience in developing online databases that interface with apps.

Custom Web-based Database/System Development
I produce web-based databases and systems using the following technologies: server-side Java, MySQL, CSS, HTML and jQuery. Examples of systems that have been developed for clients include e-commerce/order management systems, inventory/stock control systems, customer relationship management systems, residential/commercial property management systems with detailed financial analysis functionality and message boards.

Systems are developed in a modular manner and are not limited to any 3rd party/open source frameworks - each system is completely bespoke. During system development, periodic versions of your system are uploaded to a secure development server so that you are able to review and provide feedback.

Once a project has been signed off, I do offer maintenance packages that guarantee quick bug fixes.
Lancaster University
BSc Business Computing and Information Systems
1998 - 2001
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Thomas S. | Elance

Thomas S.